Junior School News

At the beginning of this term our Year 9 students moved from iPads to the College Notebook Program.

This has also been an opportune time to review our expectations of students with respect to the use of electronic devices at the College. Throughout the past two weeks, the students of Years 4 – 9 have been informed about changes to the use of electronic devices within the College and what is expected of them.

The following are the student expectations with respect to their use of all electronic devices, both iPads and Notebooks at the College:

  • ­ All electronic devices are to be placed in a student’s locker or school bag when arriving at school. No device is to be used in the general school environment before period 1.
  • ­ An electronic device carried into the classroom is to be placed face down on the student’s desk and is not to be used until given direction by a teacher.
  • ­ At the conclusion of all lessons electronic devices are to be returned to lockers and are not to be left on desks when the student is not in the room.
  • ­ No electronic devices are to be taken outside of the classroom – including corridors and the yard, outside of class time.
  • ­ Devices to be used in the Library during either recess or lunchtime require a Device Pass, which students can obtain from their Year Level Coordinator. Devices taken to the Library with a teacher are exempt from this rule.
  • ­ If a student requires the use of a computer before school, they have access to computers in the Tiverton Library, which is open from 8.00am each morning.

If students do not follow these expectations, consequences such as the confiscation of their electronic device will occur. In this instance the electronic device will be given to their Year Level Coordinator and returned to the student at the end of the school day. Subsequent breaches will see students receive a more significant consequence.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding these arrangements, please contact your son’s Year Level Coordinator or myself. We look forward to your continuing support of the College and its expectations.

Mr John McAlroy
Head of Tiverton Campus

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