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Year 9 Notebook Computer Pilot Program Launch

Following almost 12 months of preparation, the pilot DLS Notebook Computer program was launched with our Year 9 students with great success on Wednesday 15 July.

Upon their return to school following the term break, students were led through a detailed orientation program, preparing them to take up and effectively use their newly issued notebook computer. The orientation program covered such things as understanding and caring for the device, using the hardware features such as the stylus and touchscreen, preparing folders to store work for each of their subjects, configuring their new email account and populating their Outlook calendar with their timetable, amongst many others. By the end of the day students were expected to have demonstrated their competence to a staff member by working through a checklist of exercises. Completion of the orientation checklist will lead to an electronic certificate being issued in the days to come.

The preparation has been extensive. Homeroom teachers were prepared thoroughly to deliver the orientation program, spending significant time on this throughout Term 2 and over the two professional learning days held on the Monday and Tuesday prior. Subject teachers, with the guidance of the Learning Area Team Leaders, had reviewed Year 9 courses from the beginning of the year. Learning and teaching programs were then adjusted, as appropriate, to accommodate the new technology, in readiness for day one of this term.

Infrastructure has been progressively improved to accommodate the program, with significant network, power and software upgrades taking place.

Walking through the classrooms throughout the orientation and in the classes over the following days the students have enthusiastically and conscientiously applied themselves to adopting their notebook as the key tool for their learning. There has been a remarkable focus and energy on the part of both students and staff as new ways of managing learning and teaching emerge. It has been most satisfying to witness the wonderful beginning to this substantial long term undertaking by the College.

Special thanks to the many people who have worked so very hard to create this opportunity. Special mention goes to Mr Paul Maxted, Mr David Alexander, Mr Chris Martin, Mr Luke Georgiou and the Digital Learning Services team and the Homeroom teachers, Ms Aoife Bermingham, Mr Peppe DiCiccio, Mr David Ellul, Mr Chris Fleming, Mrs Kate McIlroy, Mrs Elizabeth Phibbs and Mr Shane Slavin.

School Improvement Surveys

A number of parents will have received notification via mail recently to participate in an online survey as part of the College’s ongoing commitment to the School Improvement process.

The survey is conducted under the auspices of the Catholic Education Office, with the main aim to identify the strengths and areas for further development of the College. The results are enormously important in shaping strategic directions and plans for our College and also include staff and student feedback.

Although we strongly encourage you to complete the survey, your participation is voluntary.

Individual responses will remain confidential, with feedback received at the end of the process as an aggregation of all responses by parents who participated in the survey.

We ask that the online survey be completed within the next fortnight, prior to the closing date of Friday 7 August 2015.

Mr Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Food for Thought

Professional Learning that nourishes the brain!

Throughout the past few months staff have been working on reviewing and redeveloping Year 9 Semester 2 courses in line with the roll-out of student devices. They’ve spent time thinking about how technology can be used to add value to our classrooms and curriculum, whilst also considering the change in pedagogy that will be required.

As a part of this process the Year 9 teachers gathered in the Tiverton Library in the last week of Term 2 as it transformed into a café for professional learning that nourished the brain. As staff gathered to work collaboratively on the implementation of the new courses, they were served by the Year 11 Applied Learning class who have been undertaking a Certificate III in Hospitality.

Each Monday throughout Semester 1, the Year 11 students have been learning to prepare delectable delights and learning their way around a coffee machine. The café-style professional learning offered an opportunity for these boys to apply their skills on a larger scale with a focus on their operation as a team in taking and preparing orders. It required preparation from them throughout the day and their active participation in the after-school activity.

The Year 11 Applied Learning class prepared and served scones with jam and cream for all the staff whilst also taking coffee orders. Their café provided an engaging atmosphere which enabled collaborative learning by all and an accomplishment the Year 11 students should be proud of.

This setting provided the first formal opportunity for the Applied Learning class to apply their skills in a formal manner, however they have plans to set up a morning coffee shop for staff in Semester 2.

Congratulations and thank you to the Year 11 Applied Learning class – you did a fantastic job!

Ms Rose Roe
Director of Learning and Development – Curricula Programs


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