Media Awards Night

Parents, staff and students, equipped with popcorn, gathered for a night of entertainment at the annual Media Awards Night.

Hosted by Year 11 students Sri Kumar and Tom Ponissi, the night showcased the excellent work from Year 10–12 Media students. Mr Peter Houlihan presented the awards, with the Year 10 awards going to Harrison Campion, Dimitri Rodis, Jack Crooks and Victor Williams. The winners of the Year 11 mash‐up trailers went to the creative work by Angus Secomb for Reservoir Bears and Rhodric Kiepas and Philip Dawod for The Hariotte.

The Best 2015 Film was awarded to Zac Hellyer for Ex Nihilio, an art‐house and light hearted look at how the most unlikely friendships can form “out of nothing”. The Best Cinematography Award went to Mathew Foster,Best Production Design Plan to Lachlan Walsh, Best Script to Liam Gava and Best Post‐Production to Young Sohn. An audience favourite of the night was Anthony Frencken’s El Libro De Respuestas, a spaghetti western parody about De La Salle’s bounty hunter trying to stop the latest school criminal.

Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who supported the Media students in their creative endeavours.

Haylene Peipert
Media Teacher

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