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Last Wednesday morning our normal religion class was a bit different as half of our 7 Solomon class went on a journey close by to school.

We walked over to the Lasallian Foundation, where volunteers were preparing to send a mountain of donated clothes overseas to the people of Papua New Guinea. We started by splitting into groups — some of us folded clothes while others sorted out specific clothes and removed tags. Finally some of us placed the many clothes into bags and placed them in fully packed boxes ready to ship overseas.

We all really enjoyed helping out as we know this is for a good cause and other people in other countries have it hard. Hopefully these clothes will help many people and will help our brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea know that they have the support of the Lasallian Foundation and De La Salle College Malvern.

By Damon Maurice — Class Captain And
Mr Church — Homeroom Teacher

7 Solomon


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