Music Notes

We are happy to announce our Music Captains for 2015.

Congratulations to our music leaders for this year. These students have shown excellent modelling in commitment, musicianship and passion for music. They are often an inspiration to younger students and in their role will provide valued peer support to others within the Music Department. Music leader duties include leading by example in practising and performing along with administrative duties.

Music Captain Raphael Canty
Choir Will Wright
Concert Band Justin Lack
Guitar Ensemble Jarrod Hambleton
Intermediate Band Joseph Hunter
Stage Band Nigel Menezes
String Ensemble James Howat

Year 7 Band Program

There is a terrific energy among Year 7 students in the band program this semester. Students from Benilde, Dunstan, Hegarty and Jerome are all on the pathway to becoming experts!

Learning a musical instrument takes many hours of practise. As a guide, we recommend that students practise for 20 min five x per week. The early stages may be quite challenging with instrument assembly and sound production. Those who are consistent with practise achieve a higher level of satisfaction and in turn, better academic results.

Year 7 students this semester will perform in their Homeroom band on Wednesday 17 June for the Year 7 Band Battle. Let the competition begin!

Ms Cindy Frost
Director of Music

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