Pastoral Care and Organisation

The College uniform guidelines are published in the College Diary (p.8). I draw parents’ and students’ attention to the changes for 2015 as a result of the recommendations of the 2014 Uniform Review Committee:

1. “Cross trainers/runners must be worn during Physical Education classes. Street, skate and casual shoes are not permitted.”
2. “All students are required to wear black leather shoes.” This omits the previous stipulation that shoes must have laces.
3. “The full school uniform is the winter uniform, which must be worn in Terms 2 and 3. Students have the option of wearing their winter shirt, tie and blazer with shorts rather than trousers if they prefer. In Terms 1 and 4, students have the option of wearing the full summer uniform.” This rule allows students to wear shorts with their winter uniform if they choose.
4. “The College recommends the wearing of the school hat during recess, lunch and outdoor classes for students in Years 7–12. Hats are compulsory for primary school students when playing in uncovered areas.”

Sports Uniform

The Uniform Review Committee made a number of recommendations regarding the College sports uniform. The over-riding goal is that the College move towards one consistent, modern and functional sports uniform in the College colours — navy blue and gold. In the near future all families will receive a letter from the principal outlining the changes to College sports uniform and the plan to reach the above goal.

Evacuation Drills

On Tuesday 5 May both campuses undertook evacuation drills to test our preparedness to respond to an emergency situation. Considerable refinement of our emergency processes and retraining of staff occurred in 2014. The trials were very successful, despite some inclement weather. A post trial review by the Emergency Coordinating Team will result in continued improvement to our systems at the College. Later in the year our ‘lock down’ procedures will be put to a similar test.

Transport Behaviour

A large number of our students travel to the College daily using public transport. Unfortunately on occasions the behaviour of some students is less than acceptable and members of the public notice! Staff constantly remind students of their responsibilities around courtesy, language, appearance and safety when travelling. To improve the monitoring of student behaviour with emphasis on the responsibilities mentioned above, a Transport Monitoring Team, comprising two staff members working together, commenced on 5 May.

The staff involved will be out and about at transport hubs like Glen Iris, Armadale and Malvern train stations and major tram stops. Students who are identified as being of concern will be asked to surrender their student ID card to the staff and will need to collect it the following day from their YLC with an explanation for their behaviour required. Disciplinary action may follow for that student at the discretion of the YLC. Students will continue to be reminded of their responsibilities through their Homeroom and year level assemblies.

Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day (Friday 15 May) is fast approaching. An information letter containing all arrangements for the day was given to students in Homeroom this week. Founder’s Day is a special Day of celebration on the College calendar. It is compulsory for all students and it is a great way for each student to demonstrate pride in their school and its 103 years of tradition.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation

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