Pastoral Care and Organisation

There will be some changes to staffing as a result of staff on leave in the second half of this term.

Mr Michael Petrie will be on LSL from Monday 18 May until Friday 26 June. Mr David Happ will be Acting Year 11 Coordinator while Michael is on leave and Mrs Lynette McLennan will cover Michael’s teaching duties over the same period. Ms Brenda McCulloch will cover Mr Happ’s Year 8 R.E. classes and his 8 Dunstan Homeroom.

Mrs Caroline Fitzpatrick will be on leave from Monday 25 May until Friday 5 June. Caroline’s classes will be covered by Ms Brenda McCullagh over this period.

Mr Jon Edgar will be on leave from Wednesday 27 May until Wednesday 3 June. Mr Ryan McDonough will cover Jon’s teaching allotment.

Founder’s Day

The College celebrated the feast day of St John Baptist de La Salle on Friday 15 May. Known as Founder’s Day, staff and students gathered for Mass in gymnasium. Fr John Sherman OMI was the celebrant. The Mass focused our thoughts on the contribution of the Patrons of our Homeroom groups: Br Benilde, Br Dunstan, Br Gehrig, Fr Hegarty, Br Jerome, Br Miguel, Fr Roland, Br Solomon, Fr St Vincent de Paul and of course that of St John Baptist and his inspirational service of youth and the poor over 300 hundred years ago.

After Mass the students gathered at Kinnoull campus for a morning of fun activity, great food, music and companionship. Highlights included the dodgem cars, the dunking machine, the student bands, the hip hop lessons and the numerous food and drink stalls. A terrific morning was enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to the College Student Leaders, under the direction of Ms Haylene Peipert, for the planning, organisation and coordination of all the activities. All profits from the day go to the Lasllian Foundation charitable works in De La Salle communities in outback Australia and Asia.

Mission Action Day Awards

The inaugural Ian Oliver Mission Action Day Award was presented at the conclusion of the Founder’s Day Mass on 15 May. Ian retired from the College at the end of Term 1 after a long and distinguished career. One of Ian’s many contributions to the College was his organisation and coordination of the Mission Action Day Committee. Indeed it was Ian’s passion for the event that guided staff and students to achieve extraordinary results every year. While there is still some money to be collected from a small number of the students, the amount raised this year has passed the $100,000 mark. This result would not have been possible without the efforts of the student body. The Ian Oliver Award this year was won by Christian Mora, 9 Dunstan, who raised $1,715.75 for Mission Action Day — an outstanding achievement! Christian’s name will be placed on the Perpetual Shield. He also received a commemorative plaque.

The following boys were presented with Certificates of Achievement. Each raised $400 or more:

Jack Sanders 11H, Nathan Blizzard 9H, Mitchell Thomas 12H, Dillon Monopoli 7D, Benedict O’Shea 11B, Patrick Cook 12J, Jason Kim 8J, Nathan Salmon 8D, Alexander Lewis 7B, Jacob Nikitas 7B, Daniel Tompa 9S.

The following boys raised $300 -$399:

Ewan Baulch 7H, Nathan Monagle-Linke 9H, Ryan Cosgrave 12D, Brendan Healy 12F, Anthony Ryan 8V, Robert Macasadia 12H, Liam Smith 7S, Terry Potiris 8R, Trent Misquitta 4, Michael Steen 5, Jordan Burns 9M, Samuel Dunlop 7B, Athan Giuliani 12J, Max Kolpin 5.

The following boys raised $200 — $299:

Jonathon Arnold 8R, Dylan Christodoulopoulos 7R, Benjamin Northeast 9H, Brock Augustynski 7H, Elliot Fabris 12F, Benjamin Richter 9M, Adam Car 6, Benjamin Crameri 9R, Rhys Pageot 8S, Nicholas Leontaritis 11D, Nathan Martinz 7B, Edward McCarthy 7D, Yan Ng 8D, Finn Carey 9B, Nathan Crouch 9H, Daniel Car 10S, Thomas Stanfield 12H, Connor Rate 12R, Noah Wooldridge 7J, Gavin Ng 4, Anthony Van 8H, Riley Watson 11S, Thomas Easton 7D, Charles Eagger-Saunders 8S, Taro Hu 8J, James Giuliani 8J, Alexander Rehfisch 4, Elias Fernandez 8D, Max Hartnett-Hay 9H, Patrick Hounihan 11B, Clay Devlin 5, Isaac Ford 7V, Maxwell Green 7B, Daniel Gava 10S, Ryan Mallampati 7V, Alexander Mihailidis 7J, Mark O’Connor 10B, Ambrose Berlin 11D, Ned Ballard 5, Daniel Collison 7V, Enzo Hamilton 12V, Thomas Richards 7H, Liam McCaffrey 7R, Bryce Loughnan 8B, Curtis Sayers 8D, Huntar Pace 8J, Alex Camm 9D, Thomas Ponissi 11J, Matthew Facey 11R, James Mullaly 11V, Marcus Karam 12D, Nathan Monaco 12F, Julien Khoury 12H, William Richards 5, James Suffolk 6

We are grateful to the contribution of all students and urge boys who may not have put as much effort into the activity this year to follow-up with much improved endeavour next year.

All boys who raise $100 or more will be invited to a thank-you lunch on Friday 26 June in the College gym.

College Uniform

All families should have now received a letter from the principal outlining changes to the sports uniform.

A point of clarification about the navy overcoat — this is a different garment to the College sports uniform spray jacket which is blue and gold.

The navy overcoat introduced in 2008 is no longer available for sale and has not been available for sale since 2012. A declining number of boys continue to wear the jacket, which has either been passed on by other family members or sourced as a second hand item. This will be the last year the jacket will be allowed to be worn by any student. From 2016 this jacket will not be considered to be part of the College uniform.

There will be a number of reminders about this towards the end of the year.

Extended Library Hours at Kinnoull

From Monday 25 May the Kinnoull Library will be open from 3:30pm — 5:00pm Mondays to Thursdays for senior students.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Pastoral Care and Organisation


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