Pastoral Care and Organisation

Our College uniform identifies us in the public arena. It should be a source of pride for all who wear it and for all those associated with the College.

Sadly, in recent weeks too many students have let the standard of the uniform slip. A number of students simply are not giving due attention to the expectations of the College in relation to the way our uniform is to be worn.

In particular:

  • Blazer — Must be worn as the outer garment to and from school.
  • Shirts — Must be tucked in.
  • Sports spray jacket — Is not to be worn as an alternative to the blazer and should only be worn over the blazer if it is actually raining.

Uniform blitz

From the beginning of Term 3 there will be a whole school initiative to improve the wearing of our College uniform. Any staff member who observes a student incorrectly wearing the uniform to, from, or at school will issue that student a uniform infringement notice.

This will be given to the appropriate YLC and a 20 minute after school detention will follow. Should subsequent infringements arise further detentions will follow and if necessary parents will be called to help resolve the situation.

MAD Lunch

On Friday 26 June all students who raised $100 or more for Mission Action Day this year will be offered a free lunch (pie, chocolate, soft drink). Thank-you once again to all those who contributed to MAD this year. The total raised for Lasallian social justice work is over $102,000.

College Assembly

There will be a College Assembly during Period 1 on Wednesday 24 June. The purpose of the assembly is to recognise the achievements of all those who participated in ACC sport, the arts or social justice activities during Term 2.

Lock Down Drill

As part of the College’s preparedness to deal with emergency situations there will be a lock down drill on each campus on Thursday 25 June. The drills will commence at Kinnoull at approximately 9:00am and at Tiverton at approximately 10:00am. Each drill should last about 15 minutes. The reception facilities on each campus will be closed while the drill is in operation.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation




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