Pastoral Care and Organisation

This term the College has introduced a new uniform monitoring systems called ‘Blueys’.

A Bluey is a uniform infringement notice that can be issued to a student by any staff member at any time during the school day (including travelling to or from school). There is now a zero tolerance to students wearing our uniform incorrectly as all students have been warned and informed. All students are on notice to be aware of their appearance and personal grooming at all times when wearing the College uniform (including sports uniform).

Penalties for uniform infringements are as follows:

  • 1st Bluey: 20 minute detention after school
  • 2nd Bluey: 40 minute detention after school (parents informed by YLC)
  • 3rd Bluey: 60 minute detention after school (on a Friday, further contact with parents)
  • 4th Bluey: Saturday detention (2 hours)

Since the introduction of Blueys the response by students has been very positive, with a noticeable improvement in their wearing of our College uniform.

Transport Blitzes

Commencing this week staff will increase their presence at transport hot spots. Checks will be made of students’ uniform and general behaviour on public transport. Our public image is very important and students are our ambassadors every day as they travel to and from school.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation






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