Pastoral Care and Organisation

Behaviour in public

The College has been notified on a number of occasions this term of boys flouting road rules when crossing roads or accessing public transport (especially trams) resulting in “near misses”. All boys are reminded to show common sense, keep to the footpath and cross major roads at designated points. Staff will be out and about in the local area, monitoring students over the next few weeks.


The Bluey system continues and the vast majority of students are to be complimented on their presentation. Blazers must be worn to and from school. Boys wearing spray jackets or older style navy coats when it is not raining will have these confiscated and returned by the YLC of that student.


A reminder to students walking from the College to Malvern Station that laneways are out of bounds. Disciplinary action will follow for any student found in any of the local laneways.

Student-Free Day

Parents are reminded that Friday 14 August is a student-free day for all students. Staff will be undertaking off site Lasallian Formation activities on this day. Please note the College will be closed on this day.




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