Pastoral Care and Organisation

Co-Curricula Assembly Term 3

On Tuesday 15 September in period 1 the College will gather to acknowledge the achievements of our students across a range of co-curricula pursuits from Term 3. Presentations will include reports from Term 3 ACC sports, music, debating, drama and social justice activities. Congratulations to all the students who were involved in these activities during the term.

Process for Students Leaving School Early

A reminder the College requests parents do not make phone calls or send texts to their son’s mobile phones advising them to leave school early. We ask that parents notify the College in writing for any early departure. This is to be given to the Homeroom teacher who will inform the Year Level Coordinator and the campus office. For urgent matters we request that parents contact the campus office and contact with the student will be made from there. All students must be signed out from the campus office.

Lost Property

A significant number of lost items of uniform are being stored in the lost property area on each Campus. Some of these items have been unclaimed for many weeks. Parents are asked to remind their son to check the lost property collection on each campus before Friday 18 September. Any unclaimed items after this date will be cleaned and sold or given to Lasallian charities.

Sports Photos

The annual ACC sports team photos will be taken on Friday 11 September at the De La Dome, Tiverton Campus. Students will receive a copy of the schedule early next week. All students who were part of an ACC team are to bring their sports uniform to school to change into. Term 4 sports team photos will be taken toward the end of Term 4.


Next Tuesday 8 September the College will have the third round of immunisations for the year, held in the PAC. This will affect Years 7 and 8 and approximately 30 Year 9 students who missed their vaccination last term. Students will be advised on Monday of the schedule for their class group.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation






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