Pastoral Care and Organisation

Greetings to all families as the new academic year commences. This year promises to be very exciting as the Houses return to the College after an absence of a number of years. This is the first phase of a two year process based on the recommendations of the 2014 Pastoral Review Committee. All staff and students have now been placed into a House in preparation for the Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals. As the year unfolds a number of House activities will emerge and 2016 will see the House system as the cornerstone of our approach to pastoral care at the College.

This year students will have many opportunities to be involved in off-campus activities such as excursions, ACC events and camps. The College will provide parents/guardians with an information sheet and a consent form to be returned to the College prior to the activity. Parents/guardians are asked to complete the consent forms associated with the respective activity according to the timeline set.

One of the key activities in Semester 1 is Mission Action Day (MAD). Mission Action Day is the major social justice activity at the College and involves all students from Years 4 to 12. MAD raises funds to support Lasallian charitable works both in Australia and overseas. We directly assist communities in the Philippines, PNG and India. Mission Action Day will be held on Friday 27 March. More details in the next edition.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation


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