Philippines Cultural Exchange

I take this opportunity to thank all of the teachers and in particular the host families who have helped make the 2015 La Salle Green Hills exchange such a success.

On the last day of the visit the boys were asked to complete a feedback survey.

Below is the response from one of the boys to the question ‘What were the highlights of your visit to Melbourne?’

  1. Going out to a park and learning how to play footy.
  2. Spending time with my host family, my host mum is a very good cook.
  3. Watching Grease with my host family.
  4. Visiting Federation Square and seeing all of the art work, as well as the street art.
  5. Going to The Big Issue and being touched by the message.

Mr David Happ
Philippines Cultural Exchange Coordinator 

The Groves family were kind enough to share some images of their exchange student Jeremy enjoying Victoria with them:



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