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Grandparents/Parents/Special Friends Day

On Thursday 30 July primary students were treated to visits from their grandparents, parents and friends. The morning was full of stories and sharing memories and there were many comments about how learning and education has changed over the years. Some student activities included completing a ‘Personality of the Week’ about their special guest; a comparison on their grandparents educational experience and the current student activities of today; hand tracing; puzzles and other special activities.

There was a positive atmosphere throughout the morning and Mr Graeme Lawler and six Year 11 students came to work with some primary boys in small groups. It was great to hear the perspective of grandparents who are looking at education through the eyes of the younger members of their families. After the classroom activities the special guests were invited to enjoy morning tea and a chat in the boardroom.

The morning was a wonderful experience for all present.

The Primary Team

Hoop Time

On Friday 31 July De La Salle’s Year 5 and 6 basketball team took part in Hoop Time — a basketball tournament — at MSAC.

All together there were 19 students who participated and there were two teams, the As and the Bs. The A Team won two games, drew one and lost three. The Bs didn’t win any games although when the As played the Bs the Bs nearly won. But the As pulled it back and just won at the very last minute.

All together Hoop Time was a huge success and a great day. Everybody worked well as a team and played really well. Some amazing skills were shown and some great goals were scored. Mr Feather and Mr Clements were great coaches and motivated us to work hard and play our best. Although there were a few rough games De La never gave up and played their fairest and best. Hoop Time was a huge success and everybody enjoyed it — GO DE LA!

Liam Robertson and Noah Willoughby-Rotstein
Year 6


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