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 Parliament and the Melbourne Museum Excursion

On Friday 21 August Year 5 and 6 went to Parliament House and the Melbourne Museum as part of our integrated studies unit on government.

We left school at 7:45am and arrived at Parliament for a 8:45am start. After a tight security check we broke into two groups and one went to the Legislative Assembly and the other to the Legislative Council. Our tour guides went through the day to day activities of what happens in parliament, how laws are debated, the role of ministers and shadow ministers and the background to government in Melbourne and answered a large range of creative questions about government. We met Gabrielle Williams MP – State Member for Dandenong, who is Darcy Power’s (Year 5) aunt. She spoke about her journey into parliament and what it is like to represent the people.

One group did a role play about presenting a bill and having it voted on by all members. After a group photo on the steps of Parliament the Year 56 team went to the gardens next door for morning tea.

The next phase of the day started with a two block group walk to the Melbourne Museum where students broke into small tour groups and visited areas such as the Science Gallery, the Forest Gallery, The Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, The Mind and Body Gallery, Bugs Alive, The Dynamic Earth, and the Melbourne Story.

The museum was a very busy place with lots of school children, adults and families all looking at what our story is. Students learned about the history of Melbourne and aspects of our great city. Many students saw Phar Lap, a house with a sloping roof, The World War 1 exhibit, an old wooden cottage, lots of animals, science experiments and working models. Our learning for the day was at a different venue with lots of varied interaction.

The day was an excellent follow up to our integrated unit for this semester.

The Primary Team

Book Week

On Friday 28 August the primary school celebrated Book Week.

We had to dress up as our favourite book or favourite character from that book. We had a book parade and some parents came to watch. Mr Houlihan, Mrs Wreford and Mrs Jost (Librarian) were the judges for the book character parade. They had a hard job to find some winners because everyone was so very well dressed! In the end they decided the winners of each class:

Year 4James Mazur as Geronimo Stilton and Henry Devries as Forrest Gump.

Year 5 — Michael Steen as a boy in a dress and Daniel Van Den Berg as Doctor Who.

Year 6Mitchell Barnett as an astronaut and Adam Car as Sherlock Holmes.

Once the parade was finished we split into House colour groups and had two rotations of activities. Mr Curran dressed as Neil Armstrong and his activity was making and flying paper planes. Jamie Ranca won the furthest flight and longest in the air.

Mr Leethem dressed up as Mr Merlin from Staying Alive in Year 5. The activity that he did was to make a book cube. You had to choose five topics from a book including the book title, the main character, the setting, the complication and the resolution to the problem to put on the cube and answer. Then we read a book called Amy’s Beach.

Mr James Feather dressed up as The Cat in the Hat. He used an activity wheel and we could choose which option out of the wheel from the eight boxes to do. For example if you picked the business card you would pick a character from the book and make a business card out for that character with a made up email address. The book was Cowzat.

Mrs Phillips dressed as the Ace of Hearts. She read us one of the short listed books, I Kick with my Left Foot. She did a paper plane contest too and we had to make the planes and then fly them to see who had a plane that went the furthest in the gym. The winner was Trent Misquitta and he won the longest in the air and the furthest flight.

It was a fun morning and we enjoyed being different characters and joining in the activities.

Trent Misquitta and Max Higginbotham
Year 4

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