Semester 1 Award Winners

Congratulations to each and every Semester 1 award winner.

 Primary Awards

Year 4 Academic Excellence Trent Misquitta 4
Year 4 Academic Excellence King Le 4
Year 4 Award for Endeavour Max Higginbotham 4
Year 5 Academic Excellence Benjamin Selkirk 5
Year 5 Academic Excellence Clay Devlin 5
Year 5 Award for Endeavour Harry Coonan 5
Year 6 Academic Excellence Joshua Fernando 6
Year 6 Academic Excellence Cooper Johnstone 6
Year 6 Award for Endeavour Lachlan Wong 6

Year 7 Academic Awards

English Dylan Clarke 7R
Geography Jacob Nikitas 7B
History Adrian Ranzolin 7V
Literacy Enhancement Nathaniel Hunter 7V
French Leon Wasiewicz 7S
Mathematics Darcy Jemmett 7B
Music Harry Vossos 7D
Physical Education Keagan Hillemacher 7R
Religious Education Samuel Martin 7H
Technology Brodie Reed 7R


Year 7 Endeavour Awards


English Antonios Valcanas 7R
Geography Maxwell Green 7B
History Jack Lawless 7H
Literacy Enhancement Christian D’amelio 7S
Mathematics Harry Mahon 7J
Music Solomon Campbell 7B
Physical Education Damon Maurice 7S
Religious Education Flynn Bulman 7B
Science Patrick Landy 7S
Technology Jack Topp 7V


Year 7 Multiple Award Winners

Science (ACADEMIC) William Crossley 7J
French (ENDEAVOUR) William Crossley 7J


Year 8 Academic Awards

Art Jason Kim 8J
Drama Henry Do 8V
English Dong Ye 8V
French Dominic Gehrig 8S
Geography Anthony Ryan 8V
History Sam Paine 8H
Literacy Enhancement Henry Goode 8S
Italian Patrick Walsh 8R
Physical Education Jonathon Avgeridus 8V
Religious Education Daniel Biviano 8H

Year 8 Endeavour Award Winners

Art William McDonell 8B
English Callum Sanders 8D
French Jack Barnard 8V
History Luke Comeadow 8H
Literacy Enhancement Nicholas Nicolaou 8J
Italian Thomas McIntyre 8R
Mathematics Timothy Loughnan 8S
Physical Education Huntar Pace 8J

Year 8 Multiple Award Winners

Geography (ENDEAVOUR) Edward Haldun 8J
Religious Education (ENDEAVOUR) Edward Haldun 8J
Mathematics (ACADEMIC) Joshua Hu 8J
Science (ACADEMIC) Joshua Hu 8J
Drama (ENDEAVOUR) Shamus McDonough 8S
Science (ENDEAVOUR) Shamus McDonough 8S

Year 9 Academic Awards

Art Brandon Luu 9M
Drama Lachlan Joseph 9M
Literature Patrick Rennick 9H
Italian Sean MacDonald 9M
Media Studies Joel Fernando 9M
Music: Songwriting Ethan Tambimuttu 9V
Photography Angus McLean 9M
Physical Education Liam Bonato 9M
Religious Education Jordan Burns 9M

Year 9 Endeavour Award Winners

Drama Heath McCullough 9V
English Adam Scandrett 9B
Geography Jacob Elull 9V
History Griffin Van Laake 9B
Literature Lachlan Menara 9D
Literacy Enhancement Joel Van Echteld 9V
Italian Christian Mora 9D
Mathematics Nicholas Paspaliaris 9S
Music: Songwriting Rodny Garrdo 9V
Photography Ethan Powell 9B
Physical Education George Kostakos 9B
Science Alex Kaminaris 9D
Technology Liam Halloran 9S


Year 9 Multiple Award Winners

Mathematics (ACADEMIC) William Cavey 9B
Technology (ACADEMIC) William Cavey 9B
French (ENDEAVOUR) Nathan Crouch 9H
Religious Education (ENDEAVOUR) Nathan Crouch 9H
History (ACADEMIC) Hamilton Deam 9S
Art (ENDEAVOUR) Hamilton Deam 9S
Geography (ACADEMIC) Robert Ranzolin 9M
Science (ACADEMIC) Robert Ranzolin 9M
Literacy Enhancement (ACADEMIC) Daniel Stamboultgis 9D
Media Studies (ENDEAVOUR) Daniel Stamboulgtis 9D
English (ACADEMIC) Nicholas Warren 9M
French (ACADEMIC) Nicholas Warren 9M

Year 10 Academic Awards


Architecture Elijah Kingsley 10H
Art Charles Zagon-Davies 10H
Economics & Business(Prices, Markets & Finance) James Biviano 10S
History (Word War II) David Honeybone 10B
Literacy Enhancement Tyrone Bonfitto 10S
Mathematics Beyond Boundaries Anthony Ticinovic 10B
Mathematics (Gold) Samuel Doree 10H
Materials Technology Fraser Parton 10V
Media (Genre – Horror) Mathew Delle-Vergini 10R
Photography Christopher Ovens 10H
Physical Education(Body Systems & Conditioning) Hamish Soden 10H
General Science of the World Charlie Langkau 10B
Visual Communication Design Daniel Gava 10S


Year 10 Endeavour Award Winners

Art Adam Cook 10S
Economics & Business(Prices, Markets & Finance) William Callaghan 10V
English (All Lit Up) Jasper Volpe 10D
French Nathan Soh 10S
Italian Adam Crestani 10R
Literacy Enhancement Benjamin McDonell 10R
Mathematics (Core) James Croagh 10V
Mathematics (Gold) Charlie Aitken 10S
Materials Technology Oliver Smith 10R
Media (Inside the Newsroom) Nicholas Bryden 10D
Biological Science James Howat 10B
Chemical Science Peter Nikitas 10S
Physical Science Michael Pettit 10D
Visual Communication Design Luke Yaksich 10S


Year 10 Multiple Award Winners

English (ACADEMIC) Harrison Barr 10H
Religion & Society (Unit 1) (ACADEMIC) Harrison Barr 10H
Media (Genre – Horror) (ENDEAVOUR) Harrison Barr 10H
English (ENDEAVOUR) James Bruce-Smith 10B
General Science of the World (ENDEAVOUR) James Bruce-Smith 10B
English (All Lit Up) (ACADEMIC) Samuel Callaghan 10S
Physical Education(Body Systems & Conditioning) (ENDEAVOUR) Samuel Callaghan 10S
History (Word War II) (ENDEAVOUR) Nicholas Chatgoglou 10V
Photography (ENDEAVOUR) Nicholas Chatgoglou 10V
Geography (World Challenges) (ACADEMIC) Cameron Dennehy 10S
Religion & Society (Unit 1) (ENDEAVOUR) Cameron Dennehy 10S
Physical Education(Sports Coaching & Recreation) (ACADEMIC) Campbell Gerny 10R
Architecture (ENDEAVOUR) Campbell Gerny 10R
English (Spit it Out) (ACADEMIC) Declan Martin 10B
History (The Modern World & Australia) (ACADEMIC) Declan Martin 10B
Mathematics (Core) (ACADEMIC) Declan Martin 10B
Media (Inside the Newsroom) (ACADEMIC) Declan Martin 10B
Italian (ACADEMIC) Cameron Monaco 10S
Physical Science (ACADEMIC) Cameron Monaco 10S
Music Performance (ENDEAVOUR) Cameron Monaco 10S
Music Performance (ACADEMIC) Henry Prendergast Kruger 10D
Physical Education (ENDEAVOUR)(Sports Coaching & Recreation) Henry Prendergast Kruger 10D


History (The Modern World & Australia) (ENDEAVOUR) Luke Rogan 10V
Mathematics Beyond Boundaries (ENDEAVOUR) Luke Rogan 10V
Mathematics (Pre-Methods) (ENDEAVOUR) Luke Rogan 10V
French (ACADEMIC) Jackson Sturge 10H
Mathematics (Pre-Methods) (ACADEMIC) Jackson Sturge 10H
Biological Science (ACADEMIC) Jackson Sturge 10H
Chemical Science (ACADEMIC) Jackson Sturge 10H
English (Spit it Out) (ENDEAVOUR) Theo Syrros 10S
Geography (World Challenges) (ENDEAVOUR) Theo Syrros 10S

VCE Unit 1 Academic Awards

Accounting James Biviano 10S
Biology Kyle Williams 11H
Economics Luke Rogan 10V
English Karan Vasudevan 11D
General Mathematics (Further) Sean O’Callaghan 11S
Information Technology Samuel Blowers 11S
Physical Education Harrison Gill 10D
Physics James Rassias 11J
Religion & Society Charles Joseph 11D
Studio Arts – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Liam Kelliher 11J
Systems Engineering James Emery 11J

VCE Unit 1 Endeavour Award Winners

Biology Samuel Callaghan 10S
Building & Construction Certificate II Peter Haines 11R
Business Management Ari Pavlou 11D
Chemistry Nicholas Doukelis 11R
History (Power and People) Jarred Fissenden 11R
Mathematical Methods Tim Fierenzi 11B
Information Technology Stephen Kokkas 11D
Interactive Digital Media Certificate II Steven Hart 11R
Italian Liam Manakis 11S
Media Studies Benjamin Ahearn 11J
Music Performance Anthony Bufalo 11V
Physical Education Harris Maglis 11J
Physics Daniel Aiello 11D
Religion & Society Cooper Morrison 11J
Sport & Recreation Certificate III Christopher Northey 11R
Studio Arts – Photography Ryan Taranto 11H
Studio Arts – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Thomas O’Kane 11B
Systems Engineering Dominic Powell 11R


Unit 1 Multiple Award Winners

Business Management (ACADEMIC) Ambrose Berlin 11D
English (ENDEAVOUR) Ambrose Berlin 11D
Accounting (ENDEAVOUR) Mackenzie Fletcher 11J
Economics (ENDEAVOUR) Mackenzie Fletcher 11J
General Mathematics (Further) (ENDEAVOUR) Mackenzie Fletcher 11J
Music Performance (ACADEMIC) Jarrod Hambleton 11V
Visual Communication & Design (ACADEMIC) Jarrod Hambleton 11V
Studio Arts – Photography (ACADEMIC) William Jones 11S
Geography (ENDEAVOUR) William Jones 11S
General Mathematics (Specialist) (ENDEAVOUR) Alexander Kokkas 11J
Visual Communication & Design (ENDEAVOUR) Alexander Kokkas 11J
Geography (ACADEMIC) Alexander Kokkas 11J
French (ENDEAVOUR) Sricharan Kumar 11B
Legal Studies (ENDEAVOUR) Sricharan Kumar 11B
Legal Studies (ACADEMIC) Corey Lyons 11H
General Mathematics (Further) (ACADEMIC) Corey Lyons 11H
Psychology (ENDEAVOUR) Corey Lyons 11H
History (Power and People) (ACADEMIC) Thomas Ponissi 11J
Italian (ACADEMIC) Thomas Ponissi 11J
Media Studies (ADADEMIC) Thomas Ponissi 11J
Psychology (ACADEMIC) Thomas Ponissi 11J
Religion & Society (ACADEMIC) Thomas Ponissi 11J
Chemistry (ACADEMIC) Tanis Van Laake 11R
French (ACADEMIC) Tanis Van Laake 11R
Mathematical Methods (ACADEMIC) Tanis Van Laake 11R
General Mathematics (Specialist) (ACADEMIC) Tanis Van Laake 11R


VCE Unit 3 Academic Awards

Accounting Sean O’Callaghan 11S
Business Management Corey Lyons 11H
Economics Joshua Segal 12S
Geography Thomas Ponissi 11J
Further Mathematics Athan Giuliani 12J
Media Studies Liam Gava 12D
Music Performance Luciano Murray 12D
Studio Arts – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Samuel Powell 12J
Studio Arts – Photography Joshua Bainbridge 12S
Visual Communication & Design Luke Goy 12S



VCE Unit 3 Endeavour Award Winners


Accounting Alexander Silverson 12V
Chemistry Patrick Forrest 12J
Economics Costa Batziakis 12H
Geography Sam Connell 12B
History (Revolutions) Isaac Vanderwerf 12J
Interactive Digital Media Certificate III Lachlan Walsh 12H
Italian Liam Bisognin 12V
Legal Studies Benjamin McGaw 12R
Media Studies Nicholas Maher 12V
Physical Education Marcus Calleja 12S
Physics Jayden Lee 12R
Psychology Dean Constantineas 12R
Religion and Society – Unit 2 (Ethics) Jack Cook 12B
Software Development Lucas Perri 11B
Studio Arts – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Francis de Bono 12J
Studio Arts – Photography Matthew Foster 12S
Systems Engineering Jack Boek 12B
Visual Communication Design James Bartholomeusz 12V

Unit 3 Multiple Award Winners

English (ACADEMIC) Joshua Benton 12D
Legal Studies (ACADEMIC) Joshua Benton 12D
History (Revolutions) (ACADEMIC) Connor Byrne 12J
Physical Education (ACADEMIC) Connor Byrne 12J
English (ENDEAVOUR) Connor Byrne 12J
Italian Raphael Canty 12F
Music Performance Raphael Canty 12F
Biology (ACADEMIC) Stefan Di Medio 12R
Mathematical Methods (ENDEAVOUR) Stefan Di Medio 12R
Religion and Society – Unit 2 (Ethics) (ACADEMIC) Nicholas Joseph 12S
Systems Engineering Nicholas Joseph 12S
Mathematical Methods (ACADEMIC) Marcus Karam 12D
Specialist Mathematics (ENDEAVOUR) Marcus Karam 12D
Religion & Society (ENDEAVOUR) Karl Maul 12D
Software Development (ACADEMIC) Karl Maul 12D
Politics (ACADEMIC) Matthew Mottola 12D
Religion & Society (ACADEMIC) Matthew Mottola 12D
Building & Construction Certificate II Will O’Shannessy 12F
Sport & Recreation Certificate III Will O’Shannessy 12F
Chemistry (ACADEMIC) Connor Rate 12R
Specialist Mathematics (ACADEMIC) Connor Rate 12R
Physics (ACADEMIC) Connor Rate 12R
Biology (ENDEAVOUR) Holden Sayers 12J
Further Mathematics (ENDEAVOUR) Holden Sayers 12J
Business Management (ENDEAVOUR) Nicholas Sinclair 12D
Politics (ENDEAVOUR) Nicholas Sinclair 12D
Italian (ACADEMIC) Stefan Tsagaris 12F
Psychology (ACADEMIC) Stefan Tsagaris 12F

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