Senior School News

Year 12 Formal

The De La Salle Year 12 formal, held at the Lincoln of Toorak, was an incredible night with teachers, students and their partners mingling, eating and showing off their moves on to the dance floor! Everybody scrubbed up well — dressed to the nines and looking their best for the many photos taken on the night and abundantly shared on social media the next day.

It’s been a very busy period for the Year 12 students with exams and assessments so it was a fitting occasion for everyone to forget school for a while, celebrate the end of Unit 3 and have some fun. Everything ran smoothly and the highly positive energy from the Year 12 students made this a fantastic night that the next year level should get excited for.

Liam Chai
College Leader

P.E. Enhancement Day

Year 12 Physical Education students were involved in P.E. Enhancement Day at RMIT Bundoora. The day gave students an opportunity to participate in some practical fitness testing, which will assist them in Unit 4.

Mr Rob Bonnici
Year 12 Coordinator

Year 11 RYDA Excursion

Next Tuesday 23 June all Year 11 students will be attending the RYDA program at Sandown Greyhound Racing Track. The RYDA program is a series of practical and powerful workshops that aim to change the way young people think about road safety. As part of an interactive one-day experience students will experience braking at different speeds, devise travel strategies that will work for them in the real world and get tips from road safety experts on how to protect themselves, friends and family. Perhaps the most impactful moments come from the personal stories of loss and survival.

Students will be accompanied by their Homeroom teachers and Year Level Coordinator Mr David Happ.

If there are any further enquires please contact me on 9508 2100 or

Ms Jo Dickson
Personal Development Coordinator



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