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On Friday 4 September six Year 11 and two Year 12 De La Salle students made their way to St John’s College Dandenong to participate in the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria Division) Model United Nations Conference.

The topic addressed on the day was ‘Rights and Refugees’. Preparation began in Term 2, as students needed to know their allocated country inside and out, in order to outline their country’s stance and history regarding the topic, propose amendments to the resolution, and debate their relevance or potential impact given who they were representing or aligned with.

Once the General Assembly came to order and proceedings began, there was no doubt that preparation amongst each school had been thorough and a high caliber of discussion and debate followed. Supervising staff watching on the side-lines were impressed with the sophistication and maturity with which delegates engaged each other. Indeed, their ability to apply depth of knowledge and critical thinking skills was also commented on by guest speakers on the day.

The Model United Nations experience pushed students to think with greater insight and complexity. The conference also emphasised the weight of responsibility on the shoulders of country delegates in trying to balance domestic and foreign interests in an international diplomatic setting.

Participating De La Salle Students

Team 1 FRANCE(Year 11)

Sricharan Kumar

Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy

Keelan Tambimuttu

Team 2 CUBA(Year 11)

Thomas Ponissi

Liam Ramirez

Tanis Van Laake

Team 3 INDIA(Year 12)

Remy Cadman

Matthew Mottola

Ms Olivia Wenczel
Model UN Supervising Teacher


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