Senior School News

During the summer holidays, College Leaders Elliot Fabris, Matthew Mottola, Raphael Canty and I, Stefan Di Medio, went on a Lasallian Leadership Camp located in Collaroy New South Wales.

During our time at the camp we had the chance to meet other college leaders from a wide range of Lasallian schools from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. We had the opportunity to develop our leadership skills as Lasallians throughout the camp and heard from many Brothers and Lasallian youth ministers during daily seminars. The camp was quite an eye opener, revealing just how large the Lasallian network is around the world. The five day camp was a fantastic experience, where we made friends with other Lasallian leaders, and listened to their stories and different school traditions. The camp helped us prepare for the year ahead as leaders and expanded our knowledge of the Lasallian Education network, which will prove invaluable in our final year.

Stefan Di Medio
Year 12


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