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The De La Salle House Cross Country Carnival was held in typical Cross Country style weather, with dark clouds surrounding a damp surface.It was great to see so many boys run the course very competitively.

The results of the day were:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Champion
Primary Edwin’s Mark’s Austin’s Leo’s Yr 4 Trent Misquitta
Yr 5 Joseph Ashcroft
Yr 6 Edward McMahon
Year 7 Places Mark’s Leo’s Edwin’s Austin’s Charles Lamont
Year 8 Places Austin’s Leo’s Mark’s Edwin’s Will Moloney-Morton
Year 9 Places Mark’s Leo’s Austin’s Edwin’s Beau Sciberras
Year 10 Places Austin’s Leo’s Edwin’s Mark’s Nicholas Byrden
Overall Austin’s Leo’s Mark’s Edwin’s

We are now looking to form a strong squad for the upcoming ACC Cross Country Carnival and encourage students to attend the Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions for the remainder of the term.

Mr Jon Edgar
Director of Sport

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