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Term 3 sport is drawing to a close and over the course of the season we have witnessed some great results. Overall the College has been able to achieve a consistent level of competitiveness across the board which has seen results improve in all sports.


Our basketball teams produced some outstanding performances. At the time of writing our Senior B team are preparing for a grand final and both our Year 7 A and B teams are vying for a grand final spot. Our Senior A team unfortunately missed the playoffs by percentage only and our Year 10 A team were eliminated in the semi‐ finals after finishing the regular season undefeated. Our Year 9 team only lost two games for the year and their last loss by two points to Parade eliminated them from a grand final berth. As mentioned our Year 7 teams finished the season with only one loss but will have to wait until the other teams finish the regular season to see if our percentage sees us through to the grand final.


Hockey experienced a great season, with our senior team going down in a semi‐final to St Bernard’s. They had a great year and some very strong performances throughout the season. Our Year 8 team have suffered only one loss and is vying for a grand final. Our Year 7 team had some great wins and were competitive in every game and our Year 9 team continues to improve. The College looks forward to the continued growth of hockey in the future.


Table Tennis has benefited from the introduction of a new venue. All home fixtures and training have been in held in the College’s PAC and new tables have been introduced. With the support of some very enthusiastic staff and some private coaching our table tennis teams are bridging the gap on the traditional ACC table tennis powerhouses. Our senior team had one of its most solid seasons ever and our Year 10 team qualified for finals. It has been great to increase the accessibility to the non‐traditional sport to our students and we look forward to its continued growth.

Preparation is under way for our Term 4 sports of cricket, tennis and volleyball and I am looking forward to watching many of our students compete in these sports for the College.

Mr Jon Edgar
Director of Sport

De La Salle Basketball Club

The summer 2015 to 2016 competition commences on Friday 9 October and runs through until March 2016 with a six week break at Christmas.

Registrations are now open. Please visit the Basketball Club website via the College website, from the ‘Community’ tab, and follow the instructions.

To be eligible for a particular age group e.g. U/14 you must still have been 13 years on 30 June 2015 and so on.

First time players $50

Returning players $100

Singlets $40

Enquiries: Michael Bohan 0439 172 465


Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championship

This year De La Salle continued the long standing tradition of putting together a team to represent the College at Mt Buller for the Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championship.

With less snow on the ground than last year and all weather conditions prevailing, 14 students from Year 7 to 11 participated in either SkierX or BoarderX on the Skyline course, which contained plenty of high speed banking curves and jumps. This year all our students completed the challenging and, at times, icy course to receive their individual times.

Special mention goes to our five year veteran, Will Jones of Year 11. Will narrowly missed out on gaining entry into the Division 1 final (Year 11 and 12) by less than a second. We may see Will competing next year to better this great result. Due to late injuries, Ted McCarthy (Year 7) and Luke Barron (Year 10) had to withdraw from the trip and we hope to see these students in the 2016 DLS Ski Team. Mr Stokes and Mr Slavin were joined by Mr Tom Ryan for two days to assist in the running of this trip. All staff served as officials on our competition days.

Members of the 2015 DLS Ski Team were:

MacKenzie Bohl 7H
Elan Crowe 7D
Ted McCarthy 7D
Will Martin 7R
Mason Powell 7R
Tom Martin 8R
Max Moolman 9M
Charlie Vandergriff 9H
Ethan Powell 9B
Nathan Blizzard 9H
Adrian Loo Yong Kee 9V
Charlie Bird 10V
Spencer Embrey 10D
Will Jones 11S
Ben Williams 11D


Mr Shane Slavin, Mr Ken Stokes and Mr Tom Ryan



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