Chaplain’s Notes


The Sacrament which will celebrated on Sunday 28 August 2016 from 11:00am. Mass at St Anthony’s Parish Glen Huntly.

In preparation for this day, there will be a Retreat Day on Tuesday 16 August.

Monday 22 August there will be a Family Mass and presentation of Confirmation Medals. Please ensure this date is in your diary.

Students will also travel to St Anthony’s on Thursday 25 August, to meet Bishop Elliott prior to the big event.

Please keep these students in your prayers as they strive to grow closer to the Lord.

Two Important Feasts

We are approaching two important feasts in the Church year. Firstly, the feast of Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first canonised saint, occurs on Monday 8 August.

Monday 15 August is the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul into heaven. A feast that remains a Holy Day of Obligation when Catholics are to attend Mass.

Pope Francis Throws Down a Challenge
“no room for benchwarmers, make history”

Pope Francis has told young people they are not called to be couch potatoes and living boring lives, but should leave their mark in history and not let others determine their future. Like a soccer match, he said, “life only takes players on the first string and has no room for benchwarmers.”

Pope Francis was speaking after joining young people Saturday evening at the World Youth Day prayer vigil in Krakow, Poland. “Today,” he said, “the world demands that you be a protagonist of history, because life is always beautiful when we choose to live it fully, when we choose to leave a mark.”

After listening to their experiences, Pope Francis addressed the youths, calling on them first to not be absorbed by their phones and computers and to think about those who live through violence and war daily. “They have a name, they have a face, they have a story, they are close at hand,” he said forcefully.

Pope Francis continued his address by warning the pilgrims to not fall into a “paralysis that comes from confusing happiness with a sofa.” This sofa that promises comfort, safety and relaxation, he said, instead is an “insidious form of paralysis” that makes young men and women become “dull and drowsy.” However, the pope also called on adults to teach younger generations “how to live in diversity, in dialogue, to experience multiculturalism, not as a threat but an opportunity.’”

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Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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