Chaplain’s Notes

First Communion

The Year 4 class have been busy preparing a surprise for their classmates who are to receive the Eucharist for the first time this Sunday.

Collaboratively, they planned a para-liturgy, made cards and made art work to present to the boys. In a truly moving ceremony, conducted entirely by themselves, they passed on their best wishes, prayers and gifts in support of Patrick, Riley, Matthew, Oliver, Benjamin and Sal. Please also keep these young people in your prayers as we accompany our First Communion candidates as they receive Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist.

Year 9 Lasallian Community Service

This week the Year 9 Homerooms have gathered in the Chapel to reflect upon their experiences whilst undertaking Lasallian Service. They shared their stories, their anxieties and some of the funny experiences they encountered.

They all agreed that the time spent was very valuable to them. They spoke of the people they were able to reach out to and how that opportunity to serve made them feel really good about themselves. They recognised that having had this opportunity through school, they could make a choice to get involve in service on their own time.

A sample of the comments from the boys:

  • I learnt to be more patient” 
  • I learnt to help people without needing to be asked and now I know I can do this in the future by helping people I don’t even know”
  • “I developed patience and discovered how to be adaptable when faced with problems”
  • I think I gained independence and responsibility which will help me with my work”
  • I learnt that little acts of generosity make people feel special and can make them very happy. I also felt very good about myself when I did them”
  • I improved my communication skills”
  • I learnt that you can change a person’s life by just talking to someone and getting to know them. They just feel so great when you have a chat”.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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