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Round 1

Special Mentions: Tom Ponissi (Best Speaker) – Year 12 (A Grade)

Year 10 (C Grade)

That we should not permit the sale of alcohol after midnight.

Team 1: Jordan Burns, Jacob Ellul, Gianluca Intemerato (LOSS)
Team 2: Blair Hopkins, Ethan Tambimuttu, Rodny Garrido (LOSS)

Year 12 (A Grade)

That women should pay less tax (De La Salle – Affirmative Team)

Team 1: Sri Kumar, Thomas Ponissi, Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy (WIN)
Team 2: Lachlan Bulman, Tanis Van Laake, Matthew Sidji (LOSS)

Round 2

Special Mentions:
Daniel Papalia (Best Speaker) – Year 10 (C Grade)
Thomas Ponissi (Best Speaker) – Year 12 (A Grade)

Year 10 (C Grade)

That professional sports should have separate leagues that permit the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Team 1: Daniel Papalia, Gianluca Intemerato, Panos Menidis (WIN)
Team 2: Rodny Garrido, Blair Hopkins, Ethan Tambimuttu (LOSS)

Year 12 (A Grade)

That we should open all international borders.

Team 1: Thomas Ponissi, Sri Kumar, Liam Ramirez (WIN)
Team 2: BYE

Ms Olivia Wenczel
LATL English



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