Deputy Principals’ Column

Important information about student welfare and wellbeing, learning and teaching, faith, school events and staff arrangements. All parents are encouraged to read information from the deputy principals to keep up to date with key school information.

Faith and Mission

Year 8 Reflection Days

On Friday 19, Wednesday 24 and Friday 26 August the Year 8 students attended reflections days at St Joseph’s Outreach in South Yarra. The theme for the day was God and Decision Making and as always the Youth Mission Team ran a program that was fun, vibrant and engaging, yet also allowing time for prayer and reflection.

The students were able to contemplate the gist of their own uniqueness and the ability each of them had to make decisions in life, to realise the impacts their decisions can have and how they can value others. Throughout the course of the day the boys were also encouraged to recognise and know Jesus as an intimate friend and that all of us are free to make decisions around faith and who and what God means in our lives.

A sincere thanks also to the team of Year 8 RE class teachers who committed to the day and supported the students, Ms Catherine Loft, Mr David Happ, Mr Adam Jacobs, Mr Shane Mackintosh, Ms Lil Russo and Ms Jen Bonnici. Also thank you to Ms Joan Ferguson, College Chaplain, who supported the boys on all three days, to Mr Chris Church (RELATL) and to Br Paul Toohey and Br Mandy Dujunco.

Year 11 Reflection Days

This week on Thursday and Friday, we also have the Year 11 students about to embark on their Reflection Days. The days will be run by Lasallian Youth Ministry Team and the theme is Growing as Young Men. Knowing and seeing firsthand the work of the Lasallian Youth Ministry Team, I have no doubt that they will present a program to the boys that will be engaging and reflective.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Learning and Teaching

School Improvement Surveys

A number of parents will be receiving notification via mail in coming weeks about participation in an online survey as part of the College’s ongoing commitment to the School Improvement process.

The survey is conducted under the auspices of Catholic Education Melbourne (formerly, the Catholic Education Office), with the main aim to identify the strengths and areas for further development for the College. The results are enormously important in shaping strategic directions and plans for our school and also include staff and student feedback.

Although we strongly encourage you to complete the survey, your participation is voluntary.

Individual responses will remain confidential, with feedback received at the end of the process as an aggregation of all responses by parents who participated in the survey.

We ask that the online survey be completed prior to the closing date of Friday 16 September 2016.

Mr Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching

Staff and Operations

Social Justice Mass and Co-curricula Assembly

The Social Justice Mass will occur in period 3 and the Term 3 Co-curricula Assembly will occur in period 4 on Friday 16 September. Periods 1, 2, 5 and 6 will run as timetabled.

Students will be dismissed at the normal finishing time.

Term 4 Commencement

Term 4 commences for all students on Monday 3 October.

Enhanced Safety Measures for Students

De La Salle Staff and High Vis Vests

All De La Salle staff are now required to wear High Vis Vests when on yard or transport supervision.

Tiverton Gates

The Tiverton Campus gates are now closed at recess and lunchtimes daily. No vehicles are permitted to enter the campus during these times without permission.

Junior Production


The junior production involves approximately 50 students from Year 7 and 8 from Sacre Cœur and De La Salle in the roles of acting, dancing, jazz band and backstage. It is a comedy in the style of Film Noir. Students have been rehearsing on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings this term.

The play is on at the hall at Sacre Cœur on Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October and it will be a cabaret style where the audience is seated at tables.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations


Welfare and Safety of Student Drivers

As is the case with many secondary Colleges, more and more of our senior students are driving to and from school. While most young drivers are careful, safety conscious and considerate when driving, they are one of the most vulnerable road user groups. Travelling with teenage passengers adds to the risk for these young drivers. Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System condition states that no more than one peer aged passenger (aged 16–22 years) is permitted to travel with the driver, unless the passengers are siblings of the driver. This condition does not apply when a person who is fully licensed is sitting in the front passenger seat. With this in mind, the school has a responsibility to take all reasonable measures to ensure the welfare and safety of students.

Focussed Study

To support the endeavours of our Year 11 and 12 students, the library is now open until 6:00pm, five days a week. Research shows that students who work together tend to do better on tests and retaining the information thereafter. Some great things about studying in the library are:

  • Fewer distractions: Sitting in the silence of the library, with only their books and notes to focus on, makes their study more effective.
  • Resources at your fingertips: Teachers, textbooks, obscure journal articles they can’t find online – the library has all the resources they need.
  • The learning environment: Being in the library itself will highly motivate our young men when they see the focused students who are there for the business of attaining knowledge … you’ll want to be a part of that.
  • Other students: If they are confused about something, they missed a class and don’t have the notes or they need, their fellow students are always there to help.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our young men all the best as they approach their next round of SACs and examinations. We are right behind you.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students

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