Deputy Principals’ Column

Deputy Principal — Faith & Mission

A new year always brings new beginnings and I am delighted that this new school year sees me join the community of De La Salle College. The Lasallian charism is one that guides our approach to education and my spirituality, and so I look forward to supporting the faith life and mission of this strong and proud community.

On Friday 5 February the College community celebrated its Opening College Mass. This was a true celebration to mark the beginning of the school year. Celebrating Eucharist is central to whom we are as a Catholic and Lasallian Community and it was a privilege to do so with so many members of our Lasallian family present.

I’d also like to acknowledge and congratulate the Year 12 students on the way they entered into their Retreats from the 8th – 10th of February. The Retreats are a most important experience as the time away provides opportunities for the students to develop their relationships with staff and their fellow House members, to reflect on influences that have shaped them and their values, to question who they are called to become and to explore how our faith tradition can support us in our life journey. Our students accepted these challenges with integrity, and supported each other through their honest reflections and how they can grow to become the best versions of themselves. I know that by continuing to support each other throughout the year as they did on retreat, the boys will ensure a positive final year at school. I would also like to thank the following staff and Old Collegians who attended the retreats in support of our Year 12 boys:

St Austin’s House – Mr Shane MackIntosh, Ms Joan Ferguson, Mr Noel Patterson, Ms Brenda McCullagh, Ms Emily Scott, Daniel Byrden and James Benton

St Edwin’s House — Mr Michael Petrie, Ms Clare Kennedy, Ms Georgina Dwyer, Elliot Fabris and Tom Brasher

St Leo’s House – Mr Rob Bonnici, Mr Daniel Charles, Ms Christine Thompson, Ms Lisa Harkin, Tom Harkin and Liam Chai

St Mark’s House – Mr Paul Harrup, Mr John McAlroy, Ms Janet Holden, Mr Peter Houlihan, Connor Byrne and Athan Giuliani

And a final thanks to Father Martin Tanti SDB who attend the three days away and made it possible for us to celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass together and also to Mr Tom Ryan who supported the running and logistics of the retreat each day.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission 

Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

A reminder to families that Mission Action Day 2016 is fast approaching (March 24). Boys should be trying to achieve as many sponsors as possible in the lead up over the next few weeks. In various year levels special presentations from staff and students involved in previous Lasallian social justice activities will occur in coming days. Click here for more information.

Cabrini Hospital Emergency Working With De La Salle

We are happy to announce Cabrini Malvern’s Emergency Department has offered pupils from our school a heavily discounted rate of $210 (8am to 8 pm) and $280 (8pm to 8am weekdays and on weekends). We hope this discount of $200 will assist the families in our school community and enable them to receive the best possible treatment for their children.

To obtain this discount, your child or carer will simply need to show their current student card or supply school details when attending the Emergency Department.

The discount of $200 applies to the attendance fee only and would not include any further out of pocket expenses such as x‑rays and blood tests.

Cabrini is a private, Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare service that does not rely on funding from government or the Catholic Church. Therefore, they must charge fees for emergency medical care. Unfortunately health insurers do not cover emergency attendances, so they rely on these fees to cover our costs.They understand that their fees of $410 (8am to 8pm) and $480 (8pm to 8am weekdays and on weekends) to attend their ED can be prohibitive to some families.

You may be aware of Cabrini’s extensive services in the emergency and children’s care. They have an emergency department (ED) open 247 staffed by senior emergency doctors trained in paediatric medicine. They have a dedicated paediatrics area within the ED and a children’s ward in the unfortunate event that a child needs admission to hospital. A large group of local paediatricians are on-call every day of the year and they have access to a large network of paediatricians for appointments. Cabrini has dedicated, technologically advanced surgical theatres and paediatric surgeons on call should they be required. They pride themselves on their caring and sensitivity to our patients’ needs, and work to make a visit to the ED as stress-free as possible for children and parents.

Feel free to contact Ms Kylie Upton at the College on 9508 2100 should you have any queries.

Student Information Form

Thank-you to all parents who have already returned this form to the College. It is important that all unreturned forms be returned to the College as soon as possible to complete our records. In a small number of cases parents may have detected some errors in the data. These occurred due to a system migration error in the extraction of data from a newly installed database to the blue Information Form. We apologise for any inconvenience and ask parents to amend any of these errors if they have occurred.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

Deputy Principal — Students

The College Uniform

The De La Salle College uniform is the outward sign of membership of the Lasallian family. All our students have the right to wear this uniform, and to benefit from the good reputation which the College enjoys in the local community. With that privilege comes a corresponding responsibility to wear the uniform neatly and correctly and to behave in such a way that the community’s respect for the College is enhanced.

Students are expected to be well groomed at all times, and to show their self-respect and pride in their school. As a teaching staff, we recognise the need to challenge our young men in this area. We would welcome the same support from you at home.

Use of Mobile Phones

As a BYOD school, enabling technologies such as mobile devices and adaptive learning environments support student-centered learning. With that in mind, students who choose to bring a mobile phone to school are encouraged to keep them locked in their locker at recess and lunchtime. This will eliminate compulsive and habitual text-messaging and free up time to truly enjoying a delicious meal.

Behaviour on Public Transport

It is terrific when the public make contact to affirm our young men on their behaviour on public transport. Last week two Year 7 students found a wallet on the Number 70 tram and immediately made contact with the owner so they could return it. The ingenuity and honesty of our young men in this situation saw the wallet returned to the owner a day later, with $130 in it. I applaud the integrity of these students.

That said, we have needed to challenge a small minority of our young men who fail to offer their seats to older commuters. I have fielded phone calls from the general public describing “brash and self-centred behaviour” on the Number 6 tram in particular. As we have done here at school, please support us in encouraging our young men to be courteous and well-mannered, to think about other people instead of putting themselves first. The first of our five core Lasallian principles as set forth by St John Baptist de La Salle encourages us to practise “respecting the dignity of all individuals.” I note the ‘s’ in practise; practise being a verb, a doing word. Surely this means remembering our manners, supporting elderly, pregnant and disabled commuters and being a presence for the least, the lost and the last.

Meet our Student Leaders

College Captain, Anthony Arceri

Anthony Arceri, College Captain 2016, gave his opening address at the conclusion of the Opening School Mass. Anthony’s passion for his College community was obvious. He highlighted the power of leadership and challenged his brothers to face their fears even when doing so could make them feel vulnerable. A focus of Anthony’s leadership is unity through spirit. An excerpt from his opening address is included below…


Listen. Remain silent. Breathe deeply. Absorb the aura which surrounds you, the atmosphere which consumes you. Be conscious of your thoughts; your feelings; your emotions. Be grateful for your friends, and the memories you have shared. Reflect on your time at the College, on the history and the mark you wish to leave. Don’t be afraid to become what you aspire to be, capitalise on your mistakes and cement your own legacy.

St John Baptist de La Salle
All: Pray for us

Live Jesus in our hearts
All: Forever

Thank you and good morning parents, staff, Old Collegians, representative guests and my fellow Lasallian Brothers.

I stand here before you with pride, excitement and honour, as we as embark on a new journey, an unwritten chapter within the confines of the College and its rich history.

I’d like to share an experience which really resonated with me personally while on break. So while flicking up and down facebook mindlessly for hours (as you do), in the dark by yourself, Kirks creamy soda in one hand, packet of Tim Tams in the other, I came across an article which was written by a nurse who was looking after critically ill patients. The article was titled Top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed…

Now, immediately I would have thought tattoos or rubbish jokes at school assemblies. No, the number one regret was,

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

When you think of your life, and the future you have on this earth, where is it that you see yourself. Falling victim to the societal pressures and the forced expected pathways others wish of you?

Or living a life which every day fulfils your innermost passions and dreams? Well, it all starts here, De La Salle College Malvern, where the school’s utmost objective is to best prepare men for the world and to achieve their full potential. This College offers to you opportunity; academic excellence, sporting athleticism, social justice participation and a De La attitude no fellow mate will ever forget.

And it was this opportunity which allowed my fellow captains, Sean and Tim, to share an incredible experience with me earlier this year. We were fortunate enough to travel to Sydney for the Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar, where we able to interact and really connect with student leaders from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and all across Australia. Above all, I got two key lessons from the seminar:

One: The power of leadership. The ability to turn 90 odd people into best mates over five days is a feat in its self, but to also teach us the ways of faith, service and community, was truly remarkable.

Two: To have faith and risk vulnerability. You want to become a singer but you’re too shy to sing in front of others; you wish to pursue sport but you’re too nervous to try out because you’re intimidated by other applicants; you want to do better academically but you’re afraid if you try your hardest you may still fail, admitting defeat. How could you know all of this if you haven’t given it a crack? Fear is a perspective — change your perspective, and you’ll change the way you see new challenges, tasks and objectives.

A life without mistakes is not a life worth living; you can never call yourself defeated if you have enough breath to say so, and although this year we may be divided by House, remember that we will always be united by spirit.

(Raise arms to Year 12 students)

➢ Crowd: DE-LA!
➢ Crowd: DE-LA!
➢ Crowd: DE-LA!
➢ Crowd: DE-LA!

Learn, Live, Lead.

College Vice Captain, Timothy Fierenzi

I started at De La Salle College in Year 7 and since then I have been involved in various leadership positions and roles. I have been involved in Class Captain roles as well as having many ACC sporting leadership roles. I have also been lucky enough to take part in facilitating the Year 7 and 8 Retreats.

Outside of my life at the College I have also held positions of responsibility through my involvement in the Southern Football Netball League Umpires Association, captaining my local cricket and football teams and also leading a Milo Cricket program.

This year, I aspire to help create a strong inter House and inter year level relationship with the re-introduction of the new House system. Our House system has the ability to create stronger bonds between Houses and year levels and this will create a stronger Lasallian community. Another aspiration of mine is to help bring our Year 12 cohort together to make this year special and set an example to be role models to the younger members of our De La Salle College community.

College Vice Captain, Sean O’Callaghan

Sean O'CallaghanThroughout my time at De La Salle I have been involved in various leadership positions such as numerous Class Captain positions and captaincies in ACC football. This year I have been lucky enough to be given the title of the ACC Swimming Co-Captain and the Firsts Volleyball Captain.

Outside of College life I have held several positions of responsibility in my involvement in Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club, running a weekly children’s cricket clinic on a Saturday morning and captaining my junior football team last year.

My aspirations for this year are to ensure the integration of the House system is successful, which has potential to make the “De La Brotherhood” even stronger as it provides the platform for inter-year level relationships to form. Another major aspiration of mine is for our Year 12 cohort to install a sense of pride in wearing the school colours from Years 7–11, be it on the sporting field, the stage or walking up High Street.

The House Structure – Kinnoull Campus

 Students at Kinnoull Campus have been grouped into a vertical House structure. Within their House Mentor Group, our groupings of younger and older students will foster long-term relationships where the former can gain guidance from the latter, who can, in turn, develop their leadership skills as they act as role models for their younger student friends.

As a valued member of their specific House, we can already see our young men developing a deeper sense of belonging within our Lasallian school community.

Director of Students – Kinnoull Campus and Tiverton Campus

The Director of Students (Years 10 – 12), John McAlroy, and Director of Students (Years 4 – 9), Luke Kenealy, have a breadth of organisational awareness and a holistic understanding of College operations, to ensure set standards operate across all year levels and Houses with consistency. The Directors of Students are responsible for the:

  • House Coordinators in Years 10 – 12
  • Year Level Coordinators in Years 7 — 9)

The Directors of Students, in conjunction with the Deputy Principal — Students, are also responsible for the:

  • College Leaders
  • House Sport Coordinator

House Coordinators – Kinnoull Campus

The House Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the Lasallian charism and Catholic values are developed and nurtured within the College community. This includes supporting the goals of the College Mission, Vision and Philosophy and Values, through modelling of personal growth and development and a style of leadership which is based on service. In short, the House Coordinator sets the tone in the House. Our House Coordinators are:

  • Mr Shane Mackintosh – Austin’s House
  • Mr Michael Petrie – Edwin’s House
  • Mr Rob Bonnici – Leo’s House
  • Mr Paul Harrup – Mark’s House

At Kinnoull Campus, our Vertical House structure will enable our House Mentors to become, and remain, a significant adult in the life of each young man in his/her care. Having daily contact with the student over a three year period, the House Mentors will be well placed to get to know you, our parents/guardians well, and to challenge our young men to extend themselves in learning and in life. The House Mentor will play a crucial role in the social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the young men in our care. Hence, they are your first port of call if you need to contact the school.

Year Level Coordinators – Tiverton Campus

The Year Level Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the Lasallian charism and Catholic values are developed and nurtured within the College community. Our Year Level Coordinators are:

  • Mr Chris Martin – Year 7
  • Mr David Happ – Year 8
  • Mr Andrew Wozencroft – Year 9

House Activities

Together with the House Sport Coordinator, we have already planned out a series of lunchtime activities to enrich the academic and social life of our young men. Our House Assemblies have been well received by the students at Kinnoull Campus. Led by the House Coordinator and House Captains, these assemblies promote the achievements of the House and seek to foster friendly House rivalry and spirit.

House Polo Shirts

Parents are requested to purchase the new House polo for their son(s) by Week 6 of this term. The major House event for this term is the House Athletics Carnival to be held at Lakeside Stadium on Friday 4 March. As a College community, we expect all students will have the House polo for this event. Please note, our preference is for all students to be wearing a House polo at the event and these can be purchased at Dobsons: 667 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn or the College Uniform Shop. Please see the College website for more details.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact your son’s Coordinator or Mentor.

As our College Captain, Anthony Arceri said in his opening address, “although we may be divided by House, we will always be united by spirit.”

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students




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