Deputy Principals’ Column

Faith and Mission

Recently, along with other faith educators from various Lasallian Schools from around Australia and New Zealand, I was fortunate to attend a two day Lasallian Facilitation Program at the Provincial Offices at Bankstown in Sydney.

The program was for staff that contribute to the Lasallian dimension of their school and it placed a strong emphasis on the story of St John Baptist de La Salle. The time away also provided time to study Lasallian pedagogy and spirituality and also, an opportunity to share ideas, experiences and network with fellow Lasallian staff. The program was particularly enhanced and the learning especially deepened by the presence of Lasallian Brothers Gerard Rummery and John Cantwell.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to attend the program, as it has contributed to the deepening of my own Lasallian spirituality, which will in turn contribute to the Lasallian dimensions of the College.

Finally, on another note, a reminder as we continue on our Lenten journey. Let us remember that Lent is about working towards having a positive relationship with God, all those we encounter and ourselves. It is a time where God offers us the opportunity to approach Him with honesty so we may address whatever issues are of most concern and be more completely open to His promise of mercy. This Lent, may we all continue to pray and reflect on the choices we make and to embrace the opportunity of renewal of our commitment to God and our Catholic faith.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day (MAD)

Mission Action Day will be held on Thursday 24 March and is a compulsory school day for all students. If any student is unable to attend, the College asks parents to offer a written explanation, addressed to the appropriate YLC or House Coordinator.

Students are asked to make a final special effort over the next week to increase their sponsorship. Each student should be aiming for a minimum of $50 to help the College achieve its overall target of $100,000 to assist Lasallian Missions both in Australia and Asia.

Hairspray Tickets

Tickets for the College Production Hairspray, in conjunction with Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, went on sale online on Monday 7 March. All tickets are through the National Theatre website. Last year’s production sold out very quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Term 2

Term 2 commences for students on Tuesday 12 April. All staff will be involved in a Professional Learning activity on Monday 11 April.

Term 2 Uniform

A reminder to parents that all students are required to wear full winter uniform from the start of Term 2. This means students must wear a tie and winter shirt (long sleeve). All uniform requirements are found on page 8 of the College Diary.

Staff News

Commencing 21 March Mr Shaun Buckley and Mr Warren Walker will be away on long service leave. Mr Buckley will be away the last week of term and will be replaced by Ms Maria Hawley. Mr Walker will be away for two weeks and will be replaced by Mr Paul Swannie.

From the start of Term 2 Mrs Marg McPhee will be taking leave for the remainder of the school year. Mrs McPhee will be replaced by Mrs Nadia Liu.

Mr Andrew Wozencroft will commence three weeks’ leave from the start of Term 2 and Ms Maria Hawley will replace Mr Wozencroft for this this period of time. Ms Hawley will also take on responsibility as Acting Year 9 Coordinator while Mr Wozencroft is on leave.

Ms Rachel Bromberg will complete her contract replacing Mr Jon Hewett, who will return from leave for the start of Term 2. The College thanks Ms Bromberg for her great work in the area of Photography in Mr Hewett’s absence.

Finally, this year the College will host a number of pre‐service teachers from the University of Melbourne, Monash, Deakin, ACU and Victoria University. These students will be here for varying periods of time over Terms 2 and 3. They will be working with a number of our experienced staff and in the areas of Maths, English, Humanities, the Arts and Health and Physical Education.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations


Meet our Student Leaders

Locky Bulman – Mark’s Lasallian Captain

My name is Locky Bulman and I am the Mark’s Lasallian Captain for this year, 2016. It is a great honour to be one of the Year 12 Leaders (something I have wanted to do since my commencement at De La Salle in Year 7) and a responsibility that I do not take lightly. Being a leader at De La Salle means a great deal to me; it provides for the opportunity to not only put forth my own views and values, but more importantly to make sure that the ideas and opinions of the student cohort are heard.

During my time at De La I have held a position of class captaincy in both Year 7 and Year 11, and in addition, prior to my commencement in Year 7, I was also House Captain and Drum Corp Captain at Caulfield South Primary School. Holding these positions of leadership was a great experience and I strongly encourage all of the younger boys at De La to put their hands up to do the same; you will not regret it!

As one of the Lasallian Captains, I have been lucky enough to have a large involvement in the planning of Mission Action Day, and in doing so, I have really come to appreciate how truly important this event is. It has such a massive impact on those living with next to nothing, so it is up to each and every one of us within the De La Salle community to aim to raise as much as we can in order to make a difference. I believe we should strive to raise in excess of $100,000, as we have done in previous years, and in doing so, we can provide necessities such as; water pumps, shelter and education to those who need it most.

Xavier‐Joseph de La Masse‐Homsy – Edwin’s Lasallian Captain

As the Edwin’s Lasallian Captain of 2016 my objective is to help as many students throughout the College discover their ambitions and to also develop a sense of unity among the House. Students in Edwin’s House should not be afraid to aspire for greatness whether it is in their sporting or academic endeavours. Being Lasallian Captain means upholding the morals and foundations imposed by the founder St John Baptist de La Salle. The focus of my leadership role is to uphold a sense of social justice in our school life through a religious focus, and as well through actions and practice.

The Lasallian Captains are currently focused on organising Mission Action Day. Young Lasallian men will complete a rewarding 12km walk, with the idea of spreading awareness and the promotion of equality for people in disadvantaged backgrounds. Through Mission Action Day, students are able to know they’ve made a difference and successfully helped a global community through fundraising for the social justice walk.

Stephan Kokkas – Leo’s Lasallian Captain

Hello, my name is Stephan Kokkas and I am the St Leo’s Lasallian Captain for this year, 2016. To be in such an important role gives me great pleasure and honour. Being a Year 12 Leader at De La Salle College this year means so much to me, as I’ve always aspired to be like the senior leaders throughout my schooling. To achieve such a goal set at a young age is a wonderful feeling and something I will put all my efforts into in order to succeed.

Commencing at De La Salle in Year 10 was an extremely unique experience. Knowing no current students at De La Salle, I was welcomed with the warmest of hearts, creating a wonderful and welcoming experience. Through these welcoming hands, I was encouraged to seize many opportunities, such as the Year 10 dance, many sporting teams, debating teams, musicals, and so forth. Previous leadership positions include those acquired outside of De La Salle at my past high school, where I was leader of various committees and groups. Through this, I have gained extensive experience of such leadership characteristics and qualities, and would encourage many other students to get involved as much as they can. It is one experience you will never forget.

As Lasallian captain, I have been heavily engaged in the Mission Action Day committee responsible for the planning and organisation of the event. Through this I have come to appreciate the importance of Mission Action Day, as we see how every single dollar changes a life for the better. Because of this involvement, it has motivated me and encouraged me to raise as much money as I can, as well as motivate all other students within Leo’s House and even those outside Leo’s House because the more money raised, the more lives we can change.

Kieran Walsh – Austin’s Lasallian Captain

De La Salle has provided me with lots of opportunities in and out of the classroom. I have enjoyed participating in hockey, cycling and cross country. I have enjoyed the competition but, by participating I have formed many friendships. Recently, it was great to be part of the cheer squad at the ACC Swimming Carnival where the Lasallian spirit was truly ‘heard’ and ‘seen.’

Last year I was given the opportunity to participate in the ACC Leadership Day where we learnt about the importance of working as a team both in the sporting arena and in life. As a leader in a Catholic school, I believe it is important to lead by example whether it be on the sporting field or in the classroom. I always aim to achieve my personal best and encourage other students to do the same. As Lasallian Leader I have already been given the opportunity to represent the College at Stonnington Council Community Service Awards, Lourdes Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Caritas Leadership Development Day, and join other Year 12 Catholic school students in a conversation with the Archbishop. I have learnt something from each of these experiences.

The Lasallian leaders are all working hard to make sure Mission Action Day is a success and that everyone enjoys themselves, whilst we raise the much needed funds to support the Lasallian projects overseas. Last year I travelled to PNG and was able to see exactly where the money from Mission Action Day goes. We worked hard to complete a number of building projects including building storage in the science classrooms and building a room for a student counsellor to work out of. Even though Mr Hogan has led a team of students there each year, there is still much work to be done and it made me appreciate how much we have at Tiverton and Kinnoull. I encourage everyone to really support Mission Action Day as 100 per cent of what we raise goes to fund a much needed Lasallian project.

After this year I plan to study paramedicine at Monash University and work my way up through the ranks at either Ambulance Victoria or New South Wales Ambulance Service to the position of a MICA Flight Paramedic or Special Casualty Access Team Intensive Care Paramedic.

Information from House Evenings

This year all senior students at Kinnoull Campus are organised into four Houses: St Leo’s, St Mark’s, St Austin’s and St Edwin’s. The students are supported by a House Coordinator and then organised into House Mentor Groups comprising Years 10, 11 and 12 students. Over the course of three years, our boys will have the opportunity to consolidate friendships with those they meet with in Homeroom every morning. House Mentors have the immediate responsibility for the pastoral, academic and general needs of the students and are the parents’ first point of contact with the College.

Our newly introduced House system is more than a place for competition, it is a place for connection, engagement and learning; connection to meaningful relationships, engagement in community activities and developing a language for learning. In the longer term, we want the House to feel like a second family for our boys. This is the merit of a Lasallian education that activates the wellbeing of all those in our community.

A recent publication from the Department of Education and Training ranked the wellbeing of children as high a priority as that of numeracy and literacy. Over the course of Terms 2 and 3 the Student Wellbeing Team will look at the policies and processes in place to support learning and wellbeing. We hope to involve you in some of our broader consultation in this area. Whilst we acknowledge that our transition to this new system will take time, we would welcome your feedback on our progress.

Anaphylaxis and Asthma Plans

Over the course of the next fortnight we will contact parents in relation to missing and/or incomplete Asthma Plans. Medicines are essential to manage asthma well. Good asthma care also involves treatment for other health conditions that can affect asthma. A healthy lifestyle helps people with asthma stay in control of their symptoms and feel well. Everyone with asthma should have their own written asthma action plan to follow that includes instructions for when they are well and whenever symptoms worsen. Most adults and adolescents can monitor and manage their own asthma between visits to the doctor using their action plan. Parents of younger children can also learn how to manage their child’s asthma. The main aims of asthma treatment are to:

  • keep symptoms under control
  • prevent flare‐ups or ‘attacks’
  • keep lungs as healthy as possible
  • stop asthma from interfering with school or work
  • help you or your son enjoy a full and active life.

Please support us with this work.

Public Transport Safety

Victorian Police Transit Safety Division officers and local police also patrol trains and pay regular visits to all stations. While some officers are in uniform, many work in plain clothes. We have rung and requested the presence of Customer Service Officers and police at the stations our boys frequent. We hope the presence of these officers will provide a deterrent for anti‐social behaviour.

Given the school holidays are soon upon us, it is timely to have a discussion with your sons about travelling safely on public transport.

  • If travelling alone, board the first carriage, closest to the driver’s cabin
  • Also, try to sit in carriages with other customers, rather than by yourself
  • By planning your journey first, you minimise your wait time for services
  • Check the Metro website or metroNotify app for the latest service information, including line disruptions and delays
  • While you wait for your train, stand in a well‐lit area, or, if available on the platform, stand in the yellow safety zones located at many of our stations
  • It is a good idea to remove headphones when alighting a train, that way, you can be more aware of your surrounds.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students


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