Deputy Principals’ Column

Faith and Mission

Here’s hoping that all members of our Lasallian family are returning to Term 2 having had a peaceful, reflective and Holy Easter break. I would like to begin by reflecting back to our Easter Liturgy that took place in the gym at the end of last term. The reverence displayed by the boys was a credit to them and I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of a community where our students (and staff) bring such respect to these occasions.

As we commence the term, it is important to recognise and remember that the Easter season continues and God remains present with us on the journey. Christ’s Resurrection helps us as Christians to understand what we are called to do. St John Baptist de La Salle followed the example of Jesus by living a life committed to touching the hearts and caring for the most marginalised. We too are reminded and called to do the same.

And so as we begin the term, I share with you this prayer in the hope that this Easter period we can continue to recognise God and be open to the spirit of our Risen Lord;

God of Love,
We recognise Your presence in our journey together
as we begin a new term in Your name,
Open our minds to know Your voice,
Open our hands to do Your work,
And open our hearts to hold Your Spirit.

Bless us, O God,
And bless the time and seasons yet to come.
We pray in gratitude for the Risen Jesus and His Easter message.
Fill this new term with Your wisdom and kindness,
that we may reflect this in our own spirit,
To all those who pass our way.

St John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for Us!
Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever!

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day

Mission Action Day held on Thursday 24 March was a wonderful success. Thank-you to all students for a superb effort in obtaining sponsorship for this event. A large number of students have already collected and returned the promised money to the College. Class and House mentors monitor these returns each morning.

Students who have not yet returned the promised money, please do so as quickly as possible. We anticipate again to collect in excess of $100,000. This money will be of direct assistance to Lasallian communities in need in Australia and Asia. More details about the projects to be funded this year will be given in coming weeks.

Parent Teacher Interviews

The first of the Parent Teacher Interviews was held last week and was very well attended. A number of parents expressed a concern about some interviews running overtime and the flow – on problems this can cause.

In an effort to improve this situation we will trial a timer and chime system at the Parent Teacher Interviews next week on 28 April. A chime will sound every seven minutes to signal the end of the interview and prompt the move to the next appointment.

Camps Review

This week the College will commence a comprehensive review of its year level camps, interstate trips and overseas tours. The aims of the review are to:

  1. Audit and review current camp, tour and overnight stay arrangements
  2. Make recommendations to the College Executive regarding the future direction of camps,

tours and overnight stays at the College.

  1. Make recommendations regarding the structure and function of an on-going committee to oversee the approval processes for all camps, tours and overnight stays.

The review process will run through Terms 2 and 3 and will involve a group of staff from with involvement in camps or tours.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations


Meet our Student Leaders

Charles Joseph — Edwin’s Arts Captain 2016

De La Salle College has provided me with a nurturing and generous environment upon which I have crafted strong friendships and a timeless ethos to ‘do good’ in our society. Now, in my final year at the College, I have taken the opportunity to give back to this school through a leadership role, endorsing our College’s tremendous artistic side, and reviving the once binding House system.

Throughout my life I have been more of a quiet leader, preferring to set examples for others with my actions and choices, rather than my words. I was House Vice-Captain in primary school, but my role didn’t provide me many opportunities to develop my school or to give back. So, in my new leadership role of 2016, I wish to bring a sense of school spirit between all year levels, and to get more student involvement in our great artistic aspects like our school musical, bands, art showcases and many more. De La Salle has a terrific culture, but why not make it stronger?

Thomas Ponissi — Leo’s Arts Captain

My name is Thomas Ponissi and I am very proud to be Leo’s Arts Captain for 2016. This is my ninth year at De La Salle, having started in Year 4 in 2008, and while I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to my second home, I am wholly dedicated to making 2016 my best year yet!

My ambition for this year is ensure that the newly-revitalised House System starts off with energy and enthusiasm, so that every student feels he has the opportunity to be his best self (whether in academia, on the sporting field, in the creative arts, and so on). I have always made the most of the multiple extracurricula activities on offer here at the College, from school productions to debating to St Vincent de Paul Society, and so in 2016 I hope to persuade even more boys to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Liam Ramirez — Arts Captain Austin’s House

My name is Liam Ramirez and I am the Arts Captain for Austin’s House. I have been involved with the Arts Department since Year 7 and have made a second home there. I play the saxophone in the Concert and Stage Bands and the Saxophone Ensemble and making music is a very important milestone in my journey. This year I am also in the school musical Hairspray as the character Seaweed, which for me was a very challenging yet enjoyable experience. I aspire to be an industrial or fashion designer in the future, as I love to draw and design. As I am currently studying 34 Visual Communication and Design, I hope that I can do my best and pursue my dream.

William Wright – Mark’s House Arts Captain

Throughout my time at De La Salle I have been actively involved in the school’s Music Department. Music is my passion. Since my very first day at De La in Year 5 I have been a member of the College Choir, and in 2015 I was selected to be the Choir Captain. Although this was my first official leadership position at De La Salle, I was delighted to have been given such an honour. So when late last year the applications for House Arts Captain opened, I couldn’t wait to get mine in!

My main goal as an Arts Captain this year is to get as many boys involved with the arts as possible, both performing and creative. You don’t have to be Picasso or McCartney to have a good time. I look forward to working with all the boys at the College, not just in Mark’s House, and I’m sure 2016 will be a great year for the arts at De La! Finally, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Student Leadership and Wellbeing

At the conclusion of Term 1, we finalised the Tiverton Class Captains and look forward to the leadership these students will show within their respective Mentor Groups and across the College. The Student Wellbeing Strategic Planning Team have looked extensively at a plethora of data collected over the past two years and will use this to inform the work commencing on our Pastoral Policies, Processes and online learning management systems.

Student Voice Project

Over the coming fortnight, we will partner with Catholic Education Melbourne to participate in a Student Voice Project. Catholic school communities have a long standing commitment to the care, wellbeing and protection of children and young people. The recent introduction of the minimum Victorian Child Safe Standards into law provides school communities with an opportunity to strengthen existing practices and increase consistency across Catholic school communities. By 1 August 2016, all Victorian schools will be expected to show that they have strategies, procedures, policies and systems in place that comply with the seven new standards and three principles in line with Ministerial Order 870.

Students will be asked questions about what it feels like to be safe at school, when they may feel safe or unsafe at school and what they have learnt about safety. The sharing of the data is up to the students and the school and would form part of our learning about the impact of this approach. The requirement is to run two one-hour sessions with our Year 6 class and a Year 9 class over two – three weeks with at least one teacher present during the sessions. Catholic Education Melbourne intends to provide other schools across Melbourne with the workshop model, sample questions and ideas for sharing the data with school leaders/students/parents following this process.

Founder’s Day – Friday 13 May

I met with the College Leaders over the holidays to start planning Founder’s Day. The College Leaders have a great day planned for our boys. Their actions and leadership have had a significant impact on our inclusive school culture over the course of Term 1 and I have no doubt this will be a wonderful occasion for our College community. There will be a small cost for activities and food stalls, with any profits on the day to supplement Mission Action Day money to assist Lasallian charitable works.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students


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