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Message to our Year 12 Graduates (2016)

Have you ever noticed that Eddie Betts wears tape on his wrists? Look closer and you will see “SW” written on it. It stands for “start well”, which was the last message star Adelaide forward Betts got from Phil Walsh the night before the AFL coach met a tragic death. For the two-time All Australian who began his league career at Carlton 12 years ago but who has catapulted to elite status within three seasons at Adelaide, “start well” has become something of a mantra.

When I discovered that, for some reason, it really reminded me of you, as a cohort. This year, you really did “start well.” From the Year 12 Retreat to this point today, it has been quite a ride. I hope that your time here has been an absolute gift to you. I know that many of your teachers view you personally as a gift in their lives. I have loved getting to know you as a cohort and to see your strength, passion and commitment, especially when the going was tough.

You make a great team and together I have come to consider you like a family. I hope that, as a Lasallian, you step out into the world with a sense of service. Always play for something bigger than yourself. All you are called to do is what you are capable of and what you are capable of is probably infinitely more than you will realise. I hope that you remember to acknowledge others and appreciate the journey.

Behind this end result is a mighty story. Some of you have faced challenges with your school work and home life that have been so challenging; that have required so much courage. Your year has been characterised by endurance and hard work. For many of you, this battle has been one that has only been recognised by a couple of people you trust. Even though it is very difficult to understand this, in time, you will come to realise that your journey will take you to the place that is exactly where you need to be. And right now you need to be here, with us, celebrating your effort, your persistence and your hard work. We are very proud of you.

You are De La. Soon you will be a De La Old Boy. Your formation as a student and man has been made even mightier because of the legacy of St John Baptist De La Salle. You are a Lasallian. As you move on to your exams, to Schoolies or Coolies, to the workforce, to a gap year, to a new relationship, to university … I hope that you start all of these things well.

Uniform Changeover

Parents are reminded that the transition from the old PE uniform to the new navy blue PE uniform is expected to be complete by the commencement of 2017. The royal blue sports items are not to be worn from 2017.

In addition, with the Swimming Carnival coming up, it is timely to remind families to purchase the new House shirt before the big event. The design concepts of the new uniform aim to connect students to the tradition and history of De La Salle College whilst, at the same time, reflecting a modern, progressive and innovative school.

Staff and Operations

House Swimming Carnival — Friday 28 October

The annual De La Sale Inter-House Swimming Carnival will be held at the Carnegie Swim Centre – Koornang Park, Moira Ave, Carnegie. This is a change of venue from Harold Holt Pool Malvern. The Carnegie Swim Centre has more shaded areas and offers a larger facility that will better serve the needs of the College.

This is a compulsory event for all students from Year 4 to 11. An information letter will be distributed through Mentor/Homeroom groups to students next week. Permission forms for this event were completed earlier in the year.

There will be no scheduled classes for Years 4 — 11 at the College on this day. Year 4 — 6 students are to attend roll call at the College at the normal time of 8:40am. Year 4–6 students will be transported to and from the venue by bus from the College. Year 7 — 11 students are to make their own way to the venue and must arrive by 8:45 a.m. where rolls will be marked by House/Class Mentors.

Parents are also reminded that if for some reason your son is absent on the day a written explanation is required by the College. This must be handed to the Mentor/Homeroom teacher as soon as possible before or after the Swimming Carnival. Disciplinary action will follow for any student who is absent from the Carnival without a written explanation from a parent.

All students are expected to wear their De La Salle House sports uniform to and from the venue. Appropriate swimming attire is also required. All students are reminded to be “Sunsmart” and come prepared with hat, sunscreen and water to drink.

Students may opt to bring their own lunch or use the canteen facilities available at the pool, including a BBQ that will operate throughout the day.

Please refer to the information letter for more details.

The House Swimming Carnival is an important part of the overall House competition and promises to be a day of fun, challenge and great sporting rivalry between the Houses.

Emergency Management

Emergency preparedness involves trialling “lockdown” and ”evacuation” procedures each year to ensure we are able to respond as quickly and effectively as possible should an emergency situation occur. The College’s on–going commitment to emergency management continues next week with a trial evacuation drill to be conducted at the Kinnoull campus. The Tiverton campus will not be affected, however any Tiverton students who are at the Kinnoull campus at the time of the drill will be involved. A courtesy SMS will be sent to parents on the day of the drill.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Welcome back to our final term of the year. Monday 10 October saw our final Year 9 group on Reflection Day with the Lasallian Youth Mission Team. The theme of the day was ‘i‑connect’. The day provided the students with the opportunity to reflect on their lives, how they are lived out in this field of connecting relationships, our relationships with ourselves, those who surround us and our relationship with God. Once again, the Lasallian Youth Mission Team had the boys engaged in each of the sessions, providing them an opportunity for deep reflection and prayer.

Charitable Donations – Last Term

The last day of Term 3 concluded in the celebration of the Social Justice Mass where the College community came together to break bread and recognise our call as Lasallians to make a difference to the lives of the poor. Our commitment to social justice and supporting those in need demonstrates directly how we at De La Salle live the message of the gospel “I was hungry and you gave me food” (Matt 25:35).

It was a tremendous effort by the boys and all families; the way they so generously donated food and toiletries throughout the month of August. All three of the recipients we are supporting, Sacred Heart Mission, Malvern Food Bank and St Joseph’s Outreach, were most appreciative and grateful for the support provided.

A sincere thanks to all the families for their support and generosity.

The Five Lasallian Principles

During one of our staff meetings last term I presented to the staff a way forward on how we as a College could further embed the five Lasallian Principles in our day to day work at the College, to help us to find expression in our everyday work.

The Five Lasallian Principles help us to find expression in learning and teaching and it works to ensure that our students are kept safe, and in so many ways, it provides us with a way to live out our faith — in other words, brings to life our faith in action.

In moving forward, embedding the Five Principles is a way of deepening, in our day to day vernacular, the language of the five principals and allows us to deepen our identity and commitment to being Lasallian.

Will Jones in Year 12 was given a brief on how the image above could be re-imagined so that here at De La Salle College we could embed it and make it our own.

After much time, collaboration and discussion, this is the last design that Will came back with and was finally approved by the College Principal for the College;

The purpose of this is that it will help to anchor all the great things that happen at the College in these Five Principles, which were formed by the founder of our charism. This will become central to all our actions and interactions in the yard, curriculum planning, coaching, the arts, decisions, policies, school themes and everything in between.

Later this month I will be working with a team of staff who have committed themselves to being involved in a Working Party, so that we can wordsmith and develop accompanying statements for each principle on how we at De La Salle display these.

Community Mass – St Finbar’s Parish

Later this term, we will celebrate our final community Mass for the year at St Finbar’s Parish, Brighton East at 9:00am. Families from St Finbar’s Parish will have received a letter in the mail outlining the details. All are invited and encouraged to join us for mass.

Canonisation of Blessed Brother Solomon

This coming Sunday 16 October, in St Peters square in Rome, the Lasallian family from all around the world will celebrate the canonisation of the martyred French De La Salle Brother, Solomon (born Nicholas Leclercq). Blessed Solomon worked for several years as a teacher in schools throughout France in the 18th century and at a Lasallian school. De La Salle College honours him by naming several home rooms after him.

Following in the footsteps of our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle, Brother Solomon also renounced a life of privilege to pursue a religious vocation as well as a strong commitment to teaching.

During the suppression of Christianity in 1972, during the French Revolution, Blessed Brother Solomon was among many priests and religious figures who were imprisoned and martyred. He was only 46 years old. He was beatified on October 17, 1926, the first De La Salle Brother to be beatified, and his feast day is celebrated on 2 September.

To mark this occasion, all the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 Solomon will attend a prayer ceremony on Monday 17 October.


Do not be troubled. Ask constantly for the help of God…
Why should we weep since the gospel tells us to rejoice when we have something to endure for his name’s sake?
Let us then suffer joyfully and with thanks giving the crosses and afflictions which he may send us.
As for myself, it would seem that I am not worthy to suffer for him, since I have not as yet encountered any trials, whereas so many confessors of Jesus Christ are in affliction. (From Br Solomon’s last letter to his sister, Marie-Barbe, on August 15, 1792)

Saint Solomon, pray for us!
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission


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