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First Year 9 City Experience a success

At De La Salle College, we believe in giving students opportunities to lead their own learning. The City Experience project has provided one such opportunity, in which Year 9 students (working in groups of 3 or 4) have taken full responsibility for:

  • choosing a project topic to research and investigate
  • organising tasks and responsibilities amongst themselves
  • planning and preparing a detailed itinerary for a week in the city
  • managing a financial budget and justifying their planned expenditure.

On Monday morning this week, the steps at Federation Square steadily filled with blue and gold blazers as students arrived for the first of our Year 9 City Experiences. The energy amongst students was electric, and by the time they set off for the day the boys were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm.

Our Year 9 boys are in the Melbourne CBD for a 4‑day City Experience, carrying out investigations as part of their ‘In9uiry’ project. The topics being investigated are vast and varied, as are the subsequent learnings of our students. Some of the key issues being explored are:

  • homelessness in the city
  • tourism and Melbourne’s main tourist attractions
  • the connectedness of our public transport system
  • the availability of cycling paths and related facilities
  • problems caused by birds
  • street art vs graffiti
  • architecture and high-rise development
  • etc, etc.

This is an exciting time for students and the College, with the City Experience forming a core component of our Year 9 In9uiry program. Completed projects will be on display at an expo afternoon/evening in Term 3, so the boys will remain busy pulling everything together following their time in the city.

And the good news is, as the week progresses, the energy and enthusiasm levels of the boys remains high. They’re now self-proclaimed experts on the city, and their growing confidence is holding them in good stead as they meet new/different people, join tours, conduct surveys, interview workers/shoppers/tourists and make adjustments to their itineraries. It’s been a productive first week and the boys are brimming with stories about the genuine experiences they are having.

Mr Heath Tregear
In9uiry Coordinator

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