Important Notices

Important notices for all families.

Lost and Found Uniform Items

A reminder for anyone missing uniform items to check the lost & found at each campus. Any uniform items leftover from 2015 which are not claimed by Friday 12 February will be donated to charity.

Help us Collect Plastic Lids and Plastic Bottle Tops

In preparation for the new ‘Immersion Program’ in Years 7 to 9, we are asking families to collect plastic lids and plastic bottle tops. These may be from milk bottles, soft drinks etc. All colours and sizes are required. Please no peanut butter lids.

These plastic lids will form a part of a project conducted by the ‘Urban Impact’ class.

Clean plastic lids can be brought to either the Tiverton Office, Kinoull Office or to myself.

Thank you in anticipation.

Mr David Happ 


Stonnington Parent Education Session

Topic: Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Young Children to Support their Wellbeing

Date: Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Presenter: Glenda Grummet – Vic Facilitator KidsMatter Early Childhood

Venue: Malvern Town Hall, Banquet Room – 1251 High Street, Malvern

Speaker Introduction:Showing anger in a healthy way. Figuring out conflicts peacefully. Taking care of someone who has been hurt. Waiting patiently. Following rules. Enjoying the company of others. For young children these social and emotional skills can often be very difficult to learn and understand. Like any skill, young children develop these abilities in small steps over time. Using the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework, we will explore together what you can do to support your child’s social-emotional development so that they may build healthy relationships with others.

Please visit the Eventbrite website to register. This is a free event.


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