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Year 10 Geography Fieldwork

Over the past two weeks Year 10 Geography have carried out fieldwork at Melbourne Docklands as part of a unit on Environmental Change and Management. Leading up to this fieldwork, the students had completed an individual inquiry that required them to investigate a type of environmental change. The results of this inquiry were presented in digital format, reflected on and evaluated.

The fieldwork at the Docklands was a different type of inquiry. We spent time looking at how this environment has changed from a former industrial wasteland to an area that caters for tourists, lovers of sports, residents and workers. The boys observed, sketched, recorded information, took photos and considered how well this urban environment has achieved its aims. This day enabled them to learn outside the classroom, work co- operatively with each other and as one student said to me, “I like learning this way”. Hopefully, the boys now know more about the Docklands than Etihad Stadium, AFL House and the much maligned Star Observation Wheel.


Ms Georgina Dwyer
History and Geography Teacher

The Archbishop’s Conversation with Student Leaders

Last Friday the four Lasallian House Captains attended The Archbishop’s Conversation with Student Leaders.

The day had a particular focus on Pope Francis’s Year of Mercy. The leaders learnt several ideas on what it means to live a merciful life, and how modesty and forgivingness is necessary in living a compassionate life.

The leaders were able to engage in passionate discussions on topics that had been influencing and impacting the youth in the Catholic faith. The day concluded with a Q&A with Archbishop Denis Hart, where no questions were off limit. This was extremely insightful for the leaders to hear the opinion, thoughts and ideas of the Archbishop on recent and heavily debated issues.

The day was a success, with the leaders developing their ideas and opinion, which will be carried out in their work as Lasallian House Captains throughout the year.

Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy
Year 12 Leader


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