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Divided by House, United by Spirit

2016, the Year of Change

With the success of the College Leader’s Retreat late last year, the Year 12 Student Leadership Team had developed a firm connection to the values, tone and codes we wished to implement or reinforce into the year to come. This inspiring environment also created a greater connection between the team, sparking a flame that to this day still burns bright.

The year had started with a bang! Grand Masses, public appearances and educational talks riddled our calendar. Though our first big challenge was Mission Action Day, a program established to raise money for those abroad in greater need then ourselves. With in excess of $100,000 raised, the success of the campaign drove the three of us, alongside the collective team, to continue in our attempts to make 2016 a triumphant year.

Aspiring to revitalise Founder’s Day festivities, our team managed to organise one of the most memorable celebrations to date. With a redirected focus on student participation our motives were clear: enjoyment, accessibility and affordability. Our success stemmed from the division of our team into focus groups. This ensured that our fundamental values and goals were achieved.

As the first semester drew to a close, our attention focused on the Year 12 Formal. Using a combination of our strengths, we were able to create yet another unforgettable event.

As College Captains we cannot begin to describe how proud we are of the 2016 Leadership Team. Their continual support and efforts have driven us to achieve things we never thought imaginable. We wish the entire College community all the very best and have high expectations for the remainder of the year.

Anthony Arceri, Tim Fierenze and Sean O’Callaghan
College Leaders

Contributing to the Local Community

Stephan Kokkas is a highly motivated young leader who strives to make an authentic contribution to our College community. During the time period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Stephan organised for the other Lasallian Captains to hand out food packages (which contained two sandwiches, two pieces of fruit, a water bottle and a Christmas pie) to roughly 30 homeless people around the city. More recently, Stephan has volunteered his time to facilitate a Computer Science and Programming Club for students at De La Salle, teaching them about programming and helping them to develop skills in many different fields of technology.

On Wednesday 27 July Stephan attended Kelly O’Dwyer’s 2016 Higgins Community Christmas in July Thank You, an event which recognises local volunteers who contribute to our community. Congratulation Stephan!

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students

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