Music Notes

Want to be involved in Music?

Are you new to De La Salle? Have you enjoyed singing and playing music in the past? Have you previously been involved in music at De La Salle and haven’t checked rehearsal times?

We have kicked off the year with private lessons and ensembles. Here is the schedule for ensembles for this year.

Ensemble Venue Time Day Conductor
Senior Concert Band Band Room 8am Monday Ms Williams
Intermediate Concert Band Band Room 8am Monday Mr Van Bergen
Junior Concert Band Band Room 3:30pm Wednesday Ms Wiliams
Stage Band Band Room 8am Tuesday Mr Lee
String ensemble T722 8am Wednesday Mr Lewin
Guitar Ensemble T733 8am Monday Mr Reichman
Brass Ensemble Band Room Lunch Friday Mr Coyle
Percussion Ensemble Band Room Lunch Wednesday Mr McCluskey
Choir T733 8am Thursday Ms Frost
Saxophone ensemble T725 Lunch Friday Ms Sayers
Jnr Flute ensemble T722 Lunch Tuesday Ms Williams
Snr Flute Ensemble T722 8am Friday Ms Williams

If you are unsure of your level or suitability for an ensemble, come up and chat with Ms Frost in the music office.









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