Music Notes

Junior Music Programs

Learning music at De La Salle is a wonderfully noisy and exciting experience. Here is an outline of how the junior music program is structured, along with a guide for how you might best help your son to succeed.

YEAR 4 – Classroom music program (Tuesday)

AIM: To develop basic beat, rhythm, and pitch skills aurally and physically through listening, singing and body percussion. These skills are then transferred to percussion, glockenspiel and xylophone. Students learn to sing, compose and play the ukulele.

  • Term 1 – Beat and Rhythm
  • Term 2 – Pitch and Percussion
  • Term 3 – Ukulele
  • Term 4 – Ukulele

YEARS 5 and 6 – Primary Band Program (Thursday)

AIM: Across the four semesters of Years 5 and 6 students will learn clarinet, flute, trumpet and violin/cello. Once students find an instrument that suits them, they are permitted to remain on that instrument providing that groups are even in size and there are enough instruments available. After 12 months on one instrument, students are encouraged to become involved in College music life by joining the Junior Band or String Ensemble and committing to private lessons.

YEAR 7 – Band Program (Wednesday and Friday)

AIM: To develop a concert band in each homeroom and compete in Battle of the Bands in the semester concert. Students are allocated an instrument for the semester (flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, bass or percussion) and develop solo and ensemble skills. Students are encouraged to follow a post-program pathway into Junior Band and private lessons.


  • Students are expected to practise 5 x 20 minute sessions per week. Creating a simple practise chart for your son to tick off his five sessions per week will help build good practise habits.
  • Identify a dedicated space for music practise with as little interruption and noise as possible.
  • Ensure your son puts the instrument at the front door ready to go on the evening before music days to prevent forgetfulness in the morning rush.
  • Check he is clear on what he needs to practise. Homework is written in the diary each week.


Students who are looking for more music opportunities can access:

  • Private music lessons (contact Mrs Amanda Wallace, Music Administrator, for an enrolment form –
  • School ensembles – weekly rehearsals with performances during the year.

Choir Thursday 8:00 – 8:50am Ms Cindy Frost
Junior Band Wednesday 3:30 – 4:30pm Ms Kelly Williams
Intermediate Band Friday 8:00 – 8:50am Mr Daniel van Bergen
String Ensemble Wednesday 8:00 – 8:50am Mr David Reichman

Ms Cindy Frost
Music Coordinator

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