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Year 5 Camp — Torquay

In Week 3 of this term Year 5 went to Torquay for three days of outdoor learning at the annual camp. The weather was fine and sunny for most of the camp. On the first day we went to the Anglesea Recreation camp for a high climbing ropes activity where boys climbed over 20 metres in the air in a full harness. It was a great activity to start the day.

Following this we all had lunch at our camp – Grossmans Cottages in Torquay. After lunch we went to the beach for board riding, sand activities and ball games. Later in the day students settled into bunk rooms, played a variety of sports and prepared for dinner – a BBQ with salads. After dinner we watched a DVD then went to bed.

On day two beach activities were the focus of the day — the morning was spent at Jan Juc beach, which was followed by a visit to the Airey’s Inlet lighthouse and we finished the day with a trip to Erskine Falls in Lorne. Dinner was fish and chips at Lorne beach followed by a drive along the Great Ocean Road to camp. It was torches out for a quick game of spotlight before everyone watched a DVD before heading to bed. On day three everyone helped clean up before a beach walk at Bells Beach, lunch at Torquay front beach and a wet drive back to school.

The camp focus was together we make a difference and everyone on camp supported each other, had opportunities to go outside their comfort zone and had chances to choose their own activities for learning with great outcomes. Year 5 would like to thank Andrew Clements and camp assistant Marcus for running a creative and challenging camp which gave students an opportunity to experience personal growth in different areas.

Mr Ray Leetham
Year 5 Class Teacher


Primary Leaders meet Kelly O’Dwyer

On 29 April 2016 the four Primary Leaders, Peter Orlando (Primary Captain), Will Richards & Daniel Van den Berg (Primary Vice‐Captains) and Abraham Pearce (Year 6 Captain), together with some of the Year 12 School Leaders — Sri, Will, Tom, Will and Stefan — and many other primary and secondary schools met at Malvern Town Hall to listen to and meet Kelly O’ Dwyer and Danni Roche to learn new skills and leadership qualities.

Danni Roche was the Hockey Captain who led the Australian team to victory, winning a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics. Kelly O’Dwyer is an Australian Politician, in the Australian House of Representatives and the Member for Higgins.

When we entered the Town Hall all of the De La Salle boys took their seats near the front. Danni Roche was speaking about being a good sports captain. Then Kelly O’Dwyer talked about leadership and the good qualities of courage, preparation, listening and participation. After the talks there was some time to ask questions, which ranged from politics to leadership. One of De La Salle’s questions asked by Daniel was “When you propose changes, how would you communicate this to your team?” Will from Year 12 asked Danni about whether being captain of the hockey team was more about leadership or teamwork.

After the speeches were finished we had a photo with Kelly and Danni. All of the De La Salle boys enjoyed this leadership meeting a lot.

Peter Orlando and Daniel Van den Berg
Year 6

Anzac Higgins Electorate Poetry Competition

Year 5 & 6 were invited to participate in the Higgins Poetry Competition “What Does ANZAC Day Mean to You?” for students in Year 5 – Year 10 before ANZAC Day. Kelly O’Dwyer, Member for Higgins, together with some of the Malvern RSL leaders judged over 300 entries and selected 33 finalists from many schools in the Higgins electorate. Two students from Year 6, Samuel Iovino and Ethan Sanders, were shortlisted and presented with a finalist certificate and a copy of their poem from Kelly O’Dwyer. It was a wonderful achievement and we are very proud of their effort. Congratulations to all Year 5 & 6 students who entered.

ANZAC Soldiers

As I stand,
I wear a poppy on my chest.
In silence to remember those who fought for us.
Making sacrifices and giving their lives, saving others.
Hearing bombs exploding and guns firing as they try to escape from war.
The people they miss most — their family.
Helping their mates to get back up off the ground
As they struggle to lift their friends.
They place a hat down as a cushion to lay him down as he rests in silence.
As they were on the losing side they all ran for cover,
Breathing heavily, all their legs are exhausted, till they fall.
For those who will remember them!

Samuel Iovino, Year 6


I lay in a cold winters paddock with still and soft grass,
The only sight to see are the birds and trees all around me.
Then I look up at the sky,
I think I am so lucky that I am safe.
There is no war going on around me.
I keep thinking of people from our country,
Complete strangers who went to war to help and save our country.
Even though we didn’t know them,
We still thank them for what they did for us!
When they were in Gallipoli they stayed in the cold and mucky trenches.
Where they slept and stayed and attacked in.
They gave up their lives and were beside each other,
One by one they had jokes with each other,
And helped each other when they needed it most.
We wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for them going to war.
I see all the graves of the ANZACs
I think about that we wouldn’t be here right now if they didn’t go there.
Now Australia and New Zealand are lovely places
We wouldn’t want another war ever again.

Lest We Forget
Ethan Sanders Year 6

Meeting Cathy Freeman

On 14 April the Year 6 Leaders Peter Orlando, Will Richards, Daniel Van den Berg and Abraham Pearce went to Elsternwick Primary School for a presentation about the work of the Cathy Freeman Foundation.

Various people including Jamie Howard, one of the leaders of the team, has spent the last 17 years working in indigenous affairs within the community and government sectors with a program delivery focus. He has worked closely with indigenous communities, government and large groups to consistently form meaningful strategic alliances that deliver practical and long term benefits in indigenous education and employment.

Cathy Freeman is an indigenous Australian and gold medallist who competed in the 400m at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. She proved that anyone can achieve their goals no matter who they are.

Major things that Cathy Freeman has achieved include:

  • Olympic Gold medallist (400m, Sydney 2000)
  • Olympic Silver medallist (400m, Atlanta 1996)
  • World Champion (400m, Athens 1997 & Seville 1999)
  • Commonwealth Games Gold medallist (200m & 400m, Victoria 1994)
  • Commonwealth Games Gold medallist (4x100m, Auckland 1990)
  • Lit the Olympic Flame (Sydney 2000)
  • Australian of the Year (1998)
  • Young Australian of the Year (1990)
  • Inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame (2005)
  • Elevated to “Legend Status” (2011)
  • Member of the IOC Sport and Active Society Commission (2016)
  • Founder and Director of the Cathy Freeman Foundation (2007 – present)

Cathy was at this meeting and we were lucky enough to meet her, have photographs and get her autograph. We had a great day and we hope that we could have this privilege again.

Will Richards and Abraham Pearce
Year 6 Leaders

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