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Around the Bay cycling Event

On 9 October Harry King (Grade 6) rode 60km in very windy conditions in the Around the Bay cycling event. He trained for many months before the event, riding almost 400km during his training rides. Before the event he raised $1000 for the Smith Family charity to help children in need. Over $250 of this money was raised by his Grade 6 classmates! The ride was tough, even for seasoned riders with wind gusts of over 100km/hr. He never gave up though, knowing how good it would feel crossing the finish line and receiving a medal for his efforts. Harry completed the ride with his training partner (and Dad) David. Next year the pair hope to complete longer distances. Many thanks to his Grade 6 classmates and teacher Ms Jones for helping him reach his fundraising goal and giving him the encouragement to go the distance. We are very, very proud of him.

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