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Melbourne Football Club 2016 Australia Post AFL Community Camp Program

Melbourne Football Club conduct clinics each year as part of their player development and Mr Ray Leetham organised one for February 11 at 10:00am. The boys met Ryan Larkin (Media Manager), Jayden Hunt, Angus Brayshaw, Nathan Jones (Captain), Clayton Oliver, Christian Salem, Josh Wagner and Mitchell White. They listened to some of their training routines, heard about the benefits of meditation, asked the team some great questions and then participated in a clinic. It was a lot of fun and we learnt about what we need to keep our bodies and minds fit and healthy. It was an exciting day and the De La Salle boys were very impressive in their positive and enthusiastic approach to the day. We wish Melbourne Football Club well for the 2016 football season.

The below is from Year 5 student Cohen Pedruco:

Some of the Melbourne Demons Football players came to talk to primary students on Thursday 11 February.

It was a big surprise seeing my favourite Demons player and Captain of Melbourne, Nathan Jones. The other players who came were Angus Brayshaw, Clayton Oliver, Mitchell White, Jayden Hunt, Josh Wagner and Christian Salem.

They started off by going through some quick drills like marks, ground balls, kicks and hand balls. Then we had some races and everyone tried their best. My team didn’t win but luckily I was with Nathan Jones.

After that we went long range and did some long passes. I marked it a lot and my kicks were pretty good. I had some wonky kicks and I didn’t mark some but I never gave up and gave it my best. Then at the end the players asked us some questions and we got prizes if we gave a good answer. We also got to ask them some questions too. It was really fun and we all got stickers and took a group photo. IT WAS THE BEST SPORTS LESSON EVER!!!!


School Captains

It is with great pleasure that Mr Peter Houlihan and Ms Lisa Harkin (Deputy Principal — Students) announced the three Primary Captains for 2016 last Thursday afternoon to all primary students. All Year 6 students were given the opportunity to prepare a leadership speech which they delivered to the primary boys last week. On Thursday, every student voted and once all votes were tallied (using the preferential system, supervised by all primary staff) there were three students appointed.

The following is the significant list of students who are to be congratulated on their leadership speeches and the effort they made to present their strengths. James Simpson, Sebastian Bunnik, Hugo Thomas, Darcy Power, Daniel Van den Berg, Will Richards, Benjamin Selkirk, Peter Pearse, Andre Di Medio, Ethan Sanders, Abraham Pearce, Peter Orlando, Max Kolpin. We hope to be able to show snippets of each speech during this term.

Congratulations to the 2016 Primary Captains: Peter Orlando (Captain), Will Richards & Daniel Van den Berg (Vice Captains). We are in discussion with Mr Luke Kenealy (Director of Students 4–9) and Ms Lisa Harkin (Deputy Principal — Students) about increasing the leadership roles this year and will announce the outcome in the next newsletter. We are very excited about watching these young men exhibit their talents and strengths as leaders of the primary school.

The three Primary Captains received their badges at the Investiture ceremony last Friday after the Opening Mass.

Mission Action Day (Mad) Pancake Tuesday

Thank you to all those student who contributed to the beginning of the Mission Action Day (MAD) fundraising. Bryce Loughnan (Year 9) demonstrated his fine leadership by working with Mr Chris Martin (Year 7 Coordinator) to coordinate a fabulous Pancake Tuesday cook-off that saw in excess of 100 pancakes sold. Mr Chris Church (RE Leader) and Mr Luke Kenealy (Director of Students 4–9) also assisted with cooking, sampling and serving, together with Liam Jenkins (Year 9 & Tiverton Captain), Jacques Ludekens and Luke Richardson (Year 7) who collected money and dressed pancakes with cream and maple syrup. Masterchef and MKR Judges would have given this team a resounding 10 for their efforts. Well done Bryce & Co!

Ms Anette Philips
Director of Primary

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