Shared Stories

Shared Stories is a state Catholic schools production that publishes creative writing and artistic interpretations by primary and secondary school students from around Victoria. In 2016, students were asked to engage with the theme ‘Connection and Renewal’. This year, De La Salle submitted 14 entries. This week we continue to showcase exemplar entries for your enjoyment and reflection.

We Are One

You see, my sister dear, we are one, you and I,
Together, you and me, we are akin to Earth and sky,
Just a duo of tiny gears, in the great machine of life,
If we fail to be one, the machine runs into strife.

The passing of the seasons, from life and heat to cold,
They serve only as stories, forever being told,
The grand adventure of life, what a sight it is to see,
To see everything living, with you right next to me.

You see that person walking? You’re connected, you and he,
Just as he is connected to others, it’s the web of life, you see,
You may not know his name, his story or desire,
Just as he does not know you, your joys or your ire.

And yet despite this distance, you and he are close as kin,
Your teeth connect with his, as you two cogs will spin,
Two tiny human beings, underneath the giant sun,
Do you understand yet? Do you see that you are one?

You see that person begging? He’s a gear that’s out of place,
Until he finds his calling, he leaves an empty space,
You see that rich man passing him? Looking down with a sneer?
He is too much a fool, to see that their paths run near.

That student on the train? That lifeguard in the sun?
They appear miles apart, and yet they are still one.
A never ending circle, yet people are still to see,
Every one’s connected, as the land is to the sea.

I can tell you aren’t convinced, you’ve yet to see the light,
You still think that all are separate, but you know, that’s alright.
A common belief for most, is that we are all quite unique,
If you aren’t prepared to change that, you’ve already hit your peak.

Yes, people are different, and while that much is plain to see,
Everyone around you is connected to you and to me,
Don’t rush to understand, sister dear, your journey has just begun,
When you reach the end, you will see that we are one.

Rory Fenech
Year 11

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