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Term 3 has seen a flurry of chess events, somewhat to compensate for the quite first semester. Lunchtime chess has been continuous from the beginning of the year, on both campuses, for interested players to hone their skills and be in good form for the tournament events.

Chess Premiers

The major chess event was the ACC Open Chess Tournament held at Simonds College on 18 August. We furnished just the one team of ten players in our 2nd division competition. The format of play is a seven round, Swiss paired, time‐restricted play with the top four player’s scores contributing to the team score. Our team was triumphant, winning the 2nd Division and gaining promotion to 1st Division in 2017!

It was a close competition throughout the whole day. Our own Ethan Tambimuttu was the top player in the division, not losing a game on the day. The team comprised of Ethan Tambimuttu, Steven Hart (Cap), Jordan Burns, Adrian Loo Yong Kee, Romy Persi, Daniel Casula, Josh Paul, Griffin Van Laake, William Canning and Joseph Hunter.

Campus Competitions

The Chess Department, Mr Evans, Mr Bourke and Ms Webster, also conducted two successful campus based tournaments using the same format as the ACC play. Our top few players at each of these were:
Kinnoull – Ethan Tambimuttu, Adrian Loo Yong Kee, Steven Hart, Josh Paul, Thomas Malota and Samuel Gimisis.
Tiverton – Safwan Aziz, Connor Franes, Thomas McIntyre, Lachlan Wong and Joseph Ward.

ChessKids at St James

Yet another event early in the term was a ChessKids tournament hosted at St James College. We were able to send 15 students, with quite a few first‐timers experiencing how tournaments are run.

Upcoming Tournaments

The Chess Department is currently in the throes of preparing for the ACC Junior and Intermediate Chess Tournament and the DLS Whole School tournament early in Term 4.
It’s great to see the interest and enthusiasm exhibited by our boys in their chess which is allowing us to supply an extra team at each tournament, with our numbers increasing.

Check’ you later!

Mr Evans, Mr Bourke and Ms Webster

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