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Student Management

As the term draws to a close it might be timely to remind all students about College expectations both inside the College and the wider community. The vast majority of students continue to be great ambassadors for the College and it is wonderful to see some of the positive comments coming to the school from the wider public about our boys’ behaviour. However, there have been a number of students of late, across all the year levels, who have been engaging in behaviour that will not and should not be condoned. Any form of physical action whether provoked or not is completely unacceptable and any and all students who engage in this type of behaviour will be dealt with accordingly. All students need to be mindful and respectful of all members of the College community and treat them the way they would expect to be treated themselves.

All year levels have been spoken to regarding these types of incidents and I hope that small minority of students will make some better decisions in respect of their behaviour.

Thank you for support in this matter.

Extended Absence Procedure

Recently there have been some students who have been absent from school for family holidays but the College has not been informed of these absences, so this is just a timely reminder for all parents regarding the process for requesting extended absence for students.

The Director of Students for respective year level must be notified in writing of the dates the student will be absent and the reason for the absence.

The Tiverton or Kinnoull Director of Students will respond formally to this in writing. The College does not recommend students are absent from College and it is the student’s responsibility to check with all of his teachers regarding work that will be covered in his absence.

Student Achievements

Congratulations to two Year 9 students who recently were named in Victorian State representative teams:

Elias Fernandez
Under 16 Victorian Hockey which won the gold medal defeating Western Australia. Elias was the second highest goal scorer of the tournament.

Jack Barnard
Under 15 Victorian Lacrosse. Jack will be in Adelaide early in Term 4 competing at the National championships.

Mr Luke Kenealy
Director of Students, Years 4 — 9

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