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Tiverton Science Week 2016

Between 12 and 19 August this term, De La Salle College celebrated National Science Week. This year we embraced the National theme ‘Drones, Droids and Robots’. The week‐long celebrations empowered all fields of science, while placing a special emphasis on the science and technology aspect in STEM. The rise of autonomous technologies and their role in the transformation of our daily lives was particularly embraced.

It all began on Friday 12 August. Tiverton students were invited to a Water Filter Challenge. Their task was to create a water filter using a restricted list of materials within a week. The filters were then assessed by the judges (Ms Birmingham and Ms Webster) on 19 August for water quality, filter design and presentation. Congratulations to Cormac Fleming and Blair Hunter from 7J on winning this challenge by producing a well‐designed water filter that filtered water with really good purity.

Monday 15 began with a bang. Literally! Tiverton boys were entertained by Mr Di Ciccio, our Science Coordinator and resident chemical expert. Liquid changed colour five times every time it went from one empty glass to another. Elephant’s toothpaste overflowed from a measuring cylinder with excitement. Hydrogen peroxide turned into steam and gas and smoke not once but thrice, leaving many of us bewildered. There was an explosion too. It was like all the cool science videos on YouTube had come alive. The Drone Flying Competition ran during lunch time on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16. Tiny drones that looked harmless and easy to control turned into autonomous demons as soon the controller was turned on. Just when we thought that the drones were sent by the terminator machine from the future to destroy our confidence in small flying things, Nathan Barrow from 9 Solomon came along, made the drones do what he wanted and well…. won the prize. WOW! For a day, Nathan became John Connor and saved us from the ‘Machines’. Giulio Urilli from 7D won the Science Dress Up challenge for dressing up as his own robot. Really. He was Giulio and a robot, at the same time.


But the highlight of Science Week was definitely the Tiverton Science House Trivia on Thursday. Three representatives from each House were nominated by the House Captains to represent their House for the challenge. Teams gathered outside the drama room during the lunch break and fought valiantly for their House through seven rounds of ‘sciency’ questions. The competition was hard, the questions tough, the quiz master ruthless and the audience loud. At the end, it was Austin’s team who won the competition with a comfortable margin. Congratulations to Cormac Fleming (7J), Lucas Cozzi (7S) and Jack Barnard (9D) for making their House proud. The 2016 Science week ended with a science themed staff social on Friday after school. Mr Di Ciccio brought his bag of tricks and baffled staff with some cool demonstrations. Staff members were then invited to give the drones a go. Well actually, Mr Kenealy was the only staff member whose drone could go where it was meant to. Ms Emily Scott was another winner, winning a prize for the best funny science caption.

Thank you to all the students for actively taking part in these competitions. A special thanks to Oliver Barr, Wesley Mendes and Bryce Loughnan from 9D for running the drone competition. We are looking forward to the 2017 Science Week already. And oh yes! Nathan Barrow from 9S is not John Connor (he doesn’t know how to ride a bike).

Mr Shardul Kaneria
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program Coordinator

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