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Connor’s Epic Journey

Connor Misquitta from Year 9 went on an amazing adventure trek to Everest base camp in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Connor was up for the challenge of doing something different in the September school holidays with his family. He flew into Kathmandu and stayed there for a day to acclimatise to the height slowly. This was followed by a small flight to Lukla, one of the most dangerous airports in the world, to reach the starting point for the trek.

It was a gruelling eight day trek through the soaring peaks amid varied terrain to reach Everest base camp, with an altitude of 5364 metres, and five days to descend. It was challenging and the hardest thing Connor has ever done. On one of the days he ascended 800 metres non-stop. He took it all in his stride – the ever changing weather, being vegetarian for two weeks, icy cold conditions, no showers for days, no electricity or running water, constant headaches due to the altitude and no electronic devices for most of the time. He demonstrated great physical and mental strength for the entire trek. He assimilated well with all the guides/porters and spent most of the evenings playing cards with them or surprising them with his card tricks. He was kind enough to donate his brand new hiking shoes and some warm clothes to his guide and porters.

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