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Our new Immersion Program for Years 7, 8 and 9 has started in earnest this year. The program has been designed to engage students in a variety of new and interesting subjects that aren’t usually covered in the curriculum.

This term, Year 7 students are working on DLS DNA, a three pronged orientation program to De La Salle College consisting of Charism, Learning and Technology. The Charism sessions focus on the philosophy, spirituality, and heritage of our school and our worldwide Lasallian family. The Learning sessions focus on making the most of the learning opportunities by looking at how the brain works, developing a growth mindset, finding solutions to roadblocks and challenges to their learning and developing good study habits. The Technology sessions are self-paced, with students working through tutorials as part of the orientation program for their notebooks. A special thanks to Chris Church, RE Learning Area Team Leader and 7 Solomon Class Mentor, for all his work putting this comprehensive program together to ensure a smooth transition for Year 7 at De La Salle College through the DLS DNA course.

While the Year 7 students are transitioning to life at De La Salle College, students in Year 8 and 9 are enjoying a variety of new and exciting experiences through Physical Immersion. They are rotating through a program of physical activities which many have not have tried before. Students complete an introductory program to yoga, improving their balance, strength and awareness of their being. They are having a lot of fun learning and performing a sequence of choreographed moves in a variety of dance styles including hip hop, house and social dance. In addition, they are improving their body strength and hand eye coordination through a range of drills such as plyometrics, resistance training, core strength, ball drills, reaction time testing and eye exercises.

The Year 9 students are particularly lucky to be introduced to gym sessions at Harold Holt and Goodlife Armadale in their strength sessions, and have specialist yoga and dance teachers from Yogabean and Freestyle Academy, as well as a swimming session at either Harold Holt Pool or Ashburton Recreation Centre.

The boys are fully immersed into and enjoying these sessions and are to be congratulated on how well they are applying themselves to new, and sometimes challenging activities. 

We are looking forward to the units in Term 2, 3 and 4 which consist of Active Citizenship: Action not Reaction, Crime and Punishment, E=mc2, Funny about that, Taking Off and Urban Impact. These run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for students who are not involved in ACC sport or the training squads.

Ms Lucy Russell
Director of Development – Student Progression

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