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Tournament of Minds

The Tournament of Minds is a competition open to schools in Australia, New Zealand and South‐East Asia, where student have six weeks to prepare a solution to a problem in one of four categories: Applied Technology, Mathematics Engineering, Language Literature, and Social Sciences.

Between 10 July 2016 and 21 August 2016, 14 Tiverton boys occasionally went missing during lunch breaks, sacrificing their down ball routines to form two teams that represented De La Salle College in Tournament of Minds this year. Preparation for the competition was like attending Navy Seal Boot Camp. It was long, it was tough and it was messy. It involved selecting a long term challenge, meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during lunch breaks for six weeks to develop a solution, and then presenting their solutions in the form of a 10 minute dramatic presentation at Deakin University on 21 August. The competition also involved a spontaneous challenge that was revealed to the teams on the spot, which they then had four minutes to discuss their solution and one minute to present it to the judges.

Designing/inventing their own machine using simple materials, creating a dramatic presentation and then performing it in front of the judges requires tremendous patience, competent teamwork and significant problem solving skills. On the day of the competition, the judges were extremely impressed with the way both teams navigated through these challenges. Equally impressive was the way they represented the College as proud Lasallians.

The students involved must be congratulated for their persistence with the task in hand. Missing 18 lunch breaks and giving up a Sunday to represent the College in a competition takes a lot of bravado and passion. A special thank you to all the parents who came down on a chilly, windy and rainy (Melbourne) Sunday to support the boys in this venture. Thank you Mr Kaneria for preparing the teams. He missed 18 lunch breaks too, in order to oversee the teams’ preparation. Well! He missed breaks, not lunch (Boy! Does he love his lunch or what?). A special thank you to Mr Fleming and Mr Brick for their assistance during in the teams’ preparations.

I myself thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am already looking forward to the tournament next year.

List of participants:

Year 7

Ben Mcintyre, Cormac Fleming, Liam Digby, Cooper Ryan, Curtis Cheney, Andre Mackie, Anthony Lew

Year 8

Luke Marsicano , Harry Vossos, William Crossley

Year 9

Jackson Tyrell, Tim Loughnan, Tom Mcintyre

Year 10

Romolo Persi

Cormac Fleming (7J) and Mr Shardul Kaneria, Gifted and Talented Education Program Coordinator




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