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Anthony Freeman

Hello all, my name is Anthony Freeman and I have taken up the role of School Counsellor at the Kinnoull Campus following the departure of Maree Keel.

I am a registered psychologist and have been working in the field of mental health for over 20 years. For the past seven years I have run my own private practice in Hawthorn and Mitcham while helping to raise my two boys, aged 15 and 12. The majority of my working life has been spent working with adolescents in a variety of roles. I have worked in the public mental health system, at The Australian Childhood Foundation, DHS, Juvenile Justice, The Salvation Army as well as experience working at Melbourne Grammar School and St Joseph’s College, amongst other roles. I’m passionate about AFL (supporting and playing), raising young men to be gentlemen, walking my dog and trying to live in the moment. Having two young men of my own helps to understand the reality of parenting and I try to underpin that with my knowledge about mental health.

I’m really excited about taking on this role and continuing to promote good mental health, stress management and balance. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me, I’d be more than happy to talk to you about any concerns you might have.

For Kinnoull Campus contact Anthony via telephone: 9508 2183 or email: afreeman@delasalle.vic.edu.au.

Karina Dubroja

Hi, my name is Karina Dubroja and I am the student counsellor located on the Tiverton Campus at De La Salle College. I have a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Melbourne and have experience as a psychologist working in schools across the government and Catholic sector as well as in private practice. I have completed research investigating parent positive education programs and their impact on parental wellbeing and child wellbeing as well as in the field of autism spectrum disorders. I enjoy working with children, adolescents and their families in collaborative partnerships to build their strengths and assist them to identify issues and make helpful changes to increase wellbeing.

Further enquiries can be made to me directly via telephone: 9508 2126 or email: kdubroja@delasalle.vic.edu.au.

Student Wellbeing is a priority across Years 4–12 and our school has a range of health and wellbeing services that is available to students and their families that need assistance. The School Counselling Service is a confidential service offered to all students.

The School Counsellor will be available to discuss child-related issues such as:

  • Behavioural concerns, both at school and at home
  • Emotional problems such as anxiety, grief, depression, low self-esteem
  • Family issues, such as separation/divorce, parenting difficulties, parent-child or sibling relationships
  • Peer and social issues including bullying, peer relationships and social skills
  • Developmental and academic concerns where appropriate.

Counselling may take a number of therapeutic methods including individual, small group counselling, class programs, as well as consultations with parents and teachers.

For more information regarding the role of psychologists in schools please view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koUBpy1hyeQ

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