Year 11 and Year 5 Support Program

During Term 4 2015 Tim Hogan and several Year 11 boys have worked with the Year 5 class in a support program. In small groups the boys discussed aspects of leadership and supported literacy and numeracy class programs. This program is interwoven with the primary program on social skills where the current focus is on playing games in the right spirit. The sessions are energetic, have a specific focus and allow input from all stakeholders.

This cross campus program has great benefits for all concerned and the Year 5 boys have made some very positive connections with the Year 11 group. The older boys have learned more about the primary years and what our younger client group thinks about life.

We look forward to continuing this program in the future in a similar format as the benefits are being documented as a popular tool in learning in schools across the globe.

Ray Leetham Year 5 & Tim Hogan VCAL


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