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Year 5 Camp to Torquay

Year 5 Camp — Torquay

In Week 3 of this term Year 5 went to Torquay for three days of outdoor learning at the annual camp. The weather was fine and sunny for most of the camp. On the first day we went to the Anglesea Recreation camp for a high climbing ropes activity where boys climbed over 20 metres in the air in a full harness. It was a great activity to start the day.

Following this we all had lunch at our camp – Grossmans Cottages in Torquay. After lunch we went to the beach for board riding, sand activities and ball games. Later in the day students settled into bunk rooms, played a variety of sports and prepared for dinner – a BBQ with salads. After dinner we watched a DVD then went to bed.

On day two beach activities were the focus of the day — the morning was spent at Jan Juc beach, which was followed by a visit to the Airey’s Inlet lighthouse and we finished the day with a trip to Erskine Falls in Lorne. Dinner was fish and chips at Lorne beach followed by a drive along the Great Ocean Road to camp. It was torches out for a quick game of spotlight before everyone watched a DVD before heading to bed. On day three everyone helped clean up before a beach walk at Bells Beach, lunch at Torquay front beach and a wet drive back to school.

The camp focus was together we make a difference and everyone on camp supported each other, had opportunities to go outside their comfort zone and had chances to choose their own activities for learning with great outcomes. Year 5 would like to thank Andrew Clements and camp assistant Marcus for running a creative and challenging camp which gave students an opportunity to experience personal growth in different areas.

Mr Ray Leetham
Year 5 Class Teacher


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