ACC Debating and Public Speaking Competition

On Monday 12 November the Year 7 and Year 8 Debaters and Public Speakers competed in the annual ACC Debating and Public Speaking Competition.

Two of our Junior ACC debaters were awarded Best Speaker in their debates; Oscar Boulter, Year 7 and Lachlan Wong, Year 8. Both Sean MacNamara and Oscar Boulter debated twice on the day, and their team won both of their debates, including the ‘unknown topic’ debate where the students researched whilst at the venue.

William Dwyer, Year 8 has provided this report.

On Monday 12 November a group of Year 7 and 8 debaters and public speakers headed out to St Bernard’s College for the annual ACC debating and Public Speaking Competition.

The skill of debating involves developing a sustained argument between two opposing teams about a specific topic. One team is ‘for’ the topic and the other is ‘against’ the topic. Each team has three speakers who all argue different points in an attempt to persuade the adjudicator that their argument is right and the other team’s argument is wrong. Each speaker gets a score based on matter, method and manner, and the adjudicator decides which team is victorious.

Before the actual Competition, as a team, we started off by deciding on five main points to support our topic. My team’s topic was: That Australia is overpopulated. From this we got facts and statistics to back up our five arguments and then wrote our debate speeches. As the third speaker, I focused on what possible arguments the other team might have so I could rebut it. I wrote down some facts I could use to rebut their arguments. As well as this, I wrote summaries to support our team’s argument.

We arrived at St Bernard’s to a packed out library filled with all different schools from our ACC region. Our Year 8 team was first up against St Bede’s. We put up a good fight but we were beaten (by one point!) on the day by a better St. Bede’s. Our second team to debate was the Year 7 team. They presented some very convincing arguments which persuaded the audience as well as the adjudicator; defeating St Joseph’s, Geelong. Our third and final team to debate was our mixed impromptu team. Working as a team within our 20 given minutes, we came up with five very strong arguments. Everybody in the impromptu team spoke confidently which got us over the line.

From this experience, I have learned many skills that will help me in the future. Debating has helped me a lot with my English capabilities – I have learned many new ways of writing which will help me in the future when writing persuasive pieces. It has helped me to better my skills at working in a team. I have also been taught many new ways to communicate with an audience which has helped with my public speaking skills.

William Dwyer
Year 8 Debating Team

Thank you to William for his report, and to all the ACC Debaters and Public Speakers for their efforts throughout 2017 – Congratulations to the team!

Miss Olivia Wenczel
Learning Area Team Leader — English

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