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Friday night, February 24, was a huge success for our ACC Swim squad.

We finished second to Whitefriar’s by a mere 20 points and were well clear of third‐placed St Bede’s Mentone. It was truly an amazing performance and we also were age group winners at U/15 and U/16 resulting in securing the Intermediate Cup.

I would like to formally thank Gab and Chris Windley for their remarkable effort with our ACC Swimmers over the last few years. I recently read a fantastic book called ‘Legacy’ about the leadership pillars and cultural moulding of the Great All Black Rugby Union teams of the last decade or so. One of the 7 main pillars was ‘leave the jersey in a better place than you found it.’ It is with no doubt that Team Windley has left our swim program in a much better place than when they started. At the beginning we had been relegated from Division 1 for the first time in college history and after winning Division 2 we have now climbed to consecutive second placings. The hours spent on the pool deck and organising the swim squad is considerable and Team Windley have earned the respect of every swimmer who has ever swum under their guidance. As Director of ACC Sport I cannot thank them enough and am absolutely rapt that our swimmers performed the way they did.

Thank you also to staff who attended to support last night in particular those staff in charge of the cheer squad and Peter Larsen for officiating on the evening.

Mr Jon Edgar
Director of Sport

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